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Under My Skin

Under My Skin

  • By Carla Seidl
  • Release 2/3/2009
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Truth seeker, world traveler, and multidisciplinary artist with a velvety voice and four-octave range inspires with soulful folk from the heart. 'Carla Seidl is traveling back to a modern tradition that has been much neglected of late, that of reveling in the female voice...the CD is a feast of her sumptuous talent....' - Mark S. Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange 'a collection of well-crafted songs and a stunning vocal showcase' - J. Turner, 'Carla Seidl has this wonderfully distinctive voice made up of honey, amber and wood timbres, almost achieving a dual tone in her sound that is warm and memorable.' -Wildy's World 'With a blend of folk, acoustic, and a touch of jazz, Seidl's release proves her versatility....deep and classically soulful vocals....By track two the listener realizes this is unlike any album he has heard before....Seidl is a breath of fresh air....' -Annie Reuter, ReviewYou 'Folk music for the soul.' -WESU 88.1, Middletown, CT 'For a short time my ears became the receiving echo of your thoughts and depth. Loved your melodies and lyrics, they say volumes.' -Karlin Mathew, Folk Alley Carla has been singing for as long as she can remember, in no small part thanks to the influence of her mother, who performed songs and stories for children at local schools and libraries and sang with Carla frequently. Carla has sung everything from a cappella, to show tunes, to vocal jazz, to opera over the years, always involved in one ensemble or another. In high school, on Long Island, Carla was named an All-State Singer and received the National School Choral Award and the Catherine Silveri Award for dedication and sensitivity in music. While at Harvard, Carla was a member of the elite Collegium Musicum choir and performed in Dunster House Opera and Gilbert and Sullivan Players' productions. But it wasn't until relatively recently that Carla decided to try out a different sound, one closer to the one she had loved and grown up with as a child. She slowly began to teach herself to play the guitar, and the instrument accompanied her through the many travels of her early and mid twenties-from teaching in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, to leading tours in Death Valley, to studying in Chile, to researching storytelling in Argentina, to studying documentary radio in Portland, Maine, where Carla finally started to write and perform her own songs. Carla's depth of experiences and understanding of foreign cultures are evident in the selection of songs on her debut album. While at Harvard, she designed her own major, called Expression and Culture Studies, to combine her interests in writing, folklore, anthropology, music, foreign language, and dance. It was at this time that Carla studied Italian and first heard and connected with Lucilla Galeazzi's beautiful song "Quante Stelle nel Cielo con la Luna," (How Many Stars are in the Sky with the Moon), her own version of which is featured on the CD. Despite her early academic achievement, Carla has found greatest happiness off of the beaten path. She is always seeking to understand the world around her, and isn't satisfied with trivial answers. It is this relentless searching and questioning that has given her such meaningful experiences over the years: in addition to the travels above, Carla has completed an Outward Bound wilderness course, mountain biked down the world's most dangerous road in Bolivia, worked as a private cook, done organic farming in Italy, and spent over two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Azerbaijan, where in addition to teaching English, she led chorus and improvisational dance classes for youth, learned Azerbaijani folk songs, and performed at numerous weddings. Her "Live Like You Mean It," put to the music of the traditional song "Wade in the Water," shows her commitment to following her own instincts and passions even when they may be outside of the cubicle of "supposed-to." Track Information: 1. 'Flame in the Dark' was written about a friend who seemed to carry around a tremendous amount of light and who wasn't afraid to share it with others. 2. 'Quante Stelle nel Cielo Con la Luna' is an Italian love song by Lucilla Galeazzi. To read Carla's translation of this song into English, click here. 3. 'Dreamin',' one of Carla's first songs, deals with the beginning stages of romance and in a flowing, personal style conveys how dream can be more pleasant than reality. 4. 'I Had Something,' by Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Litvin, combines nostalgia and longing with hope for the future and a sense that we are connected to something larger and more important than ourselves. 5. 'Stronger Woman' is about self-knowledge, acceptance, and dedication in face of a stronger force. 6. 'Azerbaijani Housewife' is based on two years spent as a Peace Corps volunteer in Azerbaijan. Getting used to the difference in gender roles was the biggest aspect of culture shock Carla faced while in the Peace Corps. 7. 'Under My Skin,' written in 2001, was Carla's first original song and reflects deep-seated discomfort and desire to connect with and be understood by others. 8. The magically lulling first part of 'Veins to the Oak' transforms into pure emotion in it's wordless, rhythmic, and intense second part. 9. The Turkish 'Gül Senin Tenin' by Bora Yalçinduran is a song that was frequently played on Azerbaijani television and radio during her time there, performed by Mahsun Kirmizigül. Carla has been told that she sings it with an Azerbaijani accent. 10. 'A Subtle Glance.' Sometimes just one look can mean everything. 11. 'Scarborough Fair.' Carla's rendition of the traditional. 12. 'Not Alone' was inspired by seeing an eerie red glow across the desert sky in Nevada while driving to a new job in Death Valley. Carla only found out later that it had been the Northern Lights. 13. 'Far and Wide,' set to the music of the traditional 'Wondrous Love,' depicts Carla's search far and wide for answers and the ideal way of life. 14. The inspirational 'Live Like You Mean It,' set to the music of the traditional 'Wade in the Water,' urges you to leave the cubicle of 'supposed-to,' identify your passion and follow through.


Artist: Carla Seidl
Title: Under My Skin
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 2/3/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479957802