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Propose Toast

Propose Toast

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Cats and Jammers have been lingering in a state of obscurity since 1997. Formed in Chicago by bohemian rhapsodist Scott Anthony, the band recorded 3 records and toured all over the USA. After taking a 3 year hiatus, the boys are back in the studio recording a new album which will be out in the fall of 2005. In the meantime, their greatest hits CD 'Propose Toast' will introduce new music fans to the Cats and Jammers sound. Featuring a brand new single 'Get Your Ya-Ya's Out' and a previously unreleased track 'What Do You Want?', the compilation includes 5 tracks from each of the first 3 releases. 'Though Cats and Jammers never fail to collect reams of critical accolades, they remain hidden deep within the recesses of the underground. And that's a crying shame because they certainly deserve to be heard by a wider audience. A new Cats and Jammers album is slated to hit the shops this fall, but until that occurs, be sure to pick up a copy of 'Propose Toast,' which contains select cuts from past efforts, along with a pair of previously unreleased tracks. Motivated by a sheer love of the music, the band tears through their spunky songs as if their lives depended on it. Like The Kinks, The Seeds and The Ramones before them, Cats and Jammers aren't weighed down by excess baggage. Their sound is lean yet powerful. Pumping rhythms, coupled with a few basic chords result in tunes that are immediate, interesting and invigorating. Not only is the tenor playful, but the lyrics are embedded with humor. 'People Are Stupid,' 'Good As Dead' and 'White People Can't Dance' effectively capture the band's cynical nature. But you know they're simply kidding around and having loads of fun while doing so. 'Follower,' 'Get Your Ya Ya's Out' and 'Mannequin' are further winners included on 'Propose Toast,' as they bounce and bop with acres of catchy hooks that are impossible to ignore. Excellent, excellent, excellent.' --Beverly Paterson, Twist and Shake 'Scott Anthony's hyper-guitar sound is surprisingly clean, but it's also crisp, almost as amphetamine-rushed/busy as the Wedding Present, only his sunny melodies are for kick-ass pop kids to hum. Really, really sharp stuff!' --Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover "So this stuff is really good: jangly guitars, hook-filled melodies that are easy to sing along with, witty lyrics and lots of energy." -- Valentine, Agouti Music "...calls together acts as diverse as They Might Be Giants, Matthew Sweet, Beck, and even the sixties brand of rock (Beatles, Monkees)." -- Neufutur "...catchy, hummable, and uplifting..." -- Babysue.


Artist: Cats & Jammers
Title: Propose Toast
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 5/3/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 628740758922