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Imminent Eminence

Imminent Eminence

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If you truly love music, then you will genuinely love Caustic Casanova's newest release, Imminent Eminence. It is that simple. An ambitious and majestic album of fourteen songs clocking in a shade shy of 72 minutes, Imminent Eminence is the type of compact disc that takes it's listeners on an adventure-an epic exploration of all that is possible through the medium of rock music. It is that musical endangered species, that last of a dying artistic breed-an old-fashioned Classic Album-each song immensely enjoyable on a stand alone basis, yet every track meticulously and inextricably linked in a thematic sense. Caustic Casanova has created a record with that much scope and imagination, that much freshness and vitality of sound. When all is said and done, there shall be no debate: it will be your favorite album of 2008. Where to begin when describing the aural joys found on Imminent Eminence? There are pleasures big and small to be found every single second of the work. There is...the outstanding bass playing of Francis Beringer, whose skill on the four-string proves that something can be supple and as hard as steel. From his fascinating fills to his riveting runs, Beringer's amazing aptitude at his instrument seamlessly combines the fluid with the funky. There is...the superb drumming offered up by Stefanie Zaenker. Working in remarkable tandem with her rhythmic soul mate Bass Beringer, Zaenker's efforts behind the kit shine through on Imminent Eminence. From jazzy time signatures to thrash locomotion, crystalline rim shots to ocean surf cymbal rushes, the one they call Z's conducts the percussive pain train to town. There is...the guitar work of Michael Wollitz. Lyrical, nuanced, layered, precise and punishing, often in the same song, this record literally and figuratively begins and ends with his fretwork. Inexorable when necessary, and refined when prudent, Wollitz's performances on each and every song here are well crafted. At times, he is subtly dominant with clean, sunny chords and bright line phrases; elsewhere his playing is outright assaultive with enough explosive solos and mammoth riffing to keep any hard rocker worth their weight in audible plutonium happy. And a discussion of this album would be less than forthcoming without full disclosure of the variety and layers of earth shaking tones used by Wollitz in this 14 song set. In 72 minutes nary a stone is left unturned in the sonic quarry from which he operates - it spans all subgenres and eras in indie rock, experimental music, and heavy metal. Guitar performances are rarely this complete. There are...the moving, impassioned, and relentless lyrics by Beringer and Wollitz. They enter at midnight the rooms where you fear to tread even in the light of the midday sun. They ask the questions you are too scared to ask. They stare down the entities you are too unsettled to look in the eye. The full-length album. Long considered the gold standard of artistic expression during the age of recorded music, it's relevance has been under increasing siege over the course of the past decade. In this era of the 99 cent digital single, the importance of the LP has arguably never been more marginalized. Still, despite widespread predications of rampant gloom and doom by industry observers, for genuine music enthusiasts, there remains hope for this eminent art form, and it's arrival is imminent. It is...Imminent Eminence.


Artist: Caustic Casanova
Title: Imminent Eminence
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4/22/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479611711