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Vanilla Guerilla

Vanilla Guerilla

  • By Cement Pond
  • Release 9/27/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Once upon a time (mid eighties - early nineties) there were three Madison bands: Killdozer, Drug Induced Nightmare #4, and the Gomers. Killdozer recorded scores of albums for Touch and Go Records, toured the planet and are to this day beloved by fans of noise rock the world over despite the fact that they split up more than a decade ago. Drug Induced Nightmare #4 released a couple of tapes, toured regionally and broke up under circumstances befitting their name. The Gomers after all these years continue to release music. They have become Madison's official house band and host's of a weekly show called Gomeroke where willing participants can sing along to any one of about 1,000 or so songs from their songbook. Gomeroke harkens back to the day's when the Gomers hosted a weekly rock jam at the legendary Club de Wash which tragically burned to the ground in 1998. It was at the rock jam that Steve Burke of the Gomers met Tim Sullivan of DIN#4 and decided to join DIN#4 as Their second guitarist. After DIN#4's last gig at the also legendary Ocay'z corral which also burned to the ground, Tim moved to Seattle and formed the band Jump the Fence, named after the Big Boys song. They released a CD and played in and around the Seattle area for four years before dissolving into obscurity. During Tim's absence Steve hooked up with Dan Hobson of Killdozer and began playing as a duo by the name of the Killmers. Upon Tim's return, he and Steve began working on new material and the decision was made to join forces and bring Dan into the mix. Cement Pond formed as a three piece in the summer of 2002. In the early days Steve and Tim would trade off on guitar and bass, but fortunately in the spring of '03 Gordon Ranney (Gomers) joined the band as their full time bassist thus implementing the DUAL GUITAR ATTACK (or ASSAULT if you prefer). The Pond, as their fans refer to them experiment with any number of different musical styles seamlessly combining punk with waltz or pop with psychedelia in a manner hitherto unknown to the people of this world. Vanilla Guerilla was born of the need to record a small sampling of our repitiore. Vanilla Guerilla has nothing to do with white power, it's an homage to that great American Patricia Hearst.


Artist: Cement Pond
Title: Vanilla Guerilla
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 9/27/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479190193