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I Am the Wind

I Am the Wind

  • By Charley Thweatt
  • Release 11/11/2011
  • Music Genre Christian
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Hi there everyone, Charley here. I seem to be suddenly on a roll. The recording studio bug has bitten me and bitten me hard. I just finished 'Wave After Wave' a year ago, and already I have this new music CD to share with you. Plus, truth be told, before the boxes of 'I Am The Wind' even arrived at my house, I already started basic tracks on three new songs for my next CD! (Woo hoo!) I'm so excited about some of the new directions and sounds I'm playing with in this 'I Am The Wind' CD. You'll be deeply inspired with the title cut, which I wrote on a little Sicilian private island in the Mediterranean. I was surrounded by all the elements: wind, sun, water and earth. And this song just poured out of me in a moment of sweet openness. Other songs are fun and very up tempo. I dare you not to move on such songs as 'Feet On The Ground' and 'Need To Know My Rhythm.' And 'Sing Us Together' is so tribal in it's own sweet way. Two of these songs are inspired by my mom - 'This Love' and 'Ukulele.' My mom was my first music teacher of sorts, when she showed me how to play the uke. I was 8 or 9, and after hearing her play and sing for years around the house, I said, 'Mom, would you show me how to do that, too?' She did, and I was off and running - strumming, playing chords and singing along. There was no stopping me after that, and I'm still going so many years later. But enough about me. I know that YOU will love this new song collection. And it'll be fun for you to hear a new twist or two, beyond what you might normally expect from one of my songs. Have fun. Get up and dance. Sing along. And know the peace you always carry inside. Cheers & blessings to you all, Charley.


Artist: Charley Thweatt
Title: I Am the Wind
Genre: Christian
Release Date: 11/11/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501603584