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Title X

Title X

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Hisssssstory: Chilled Alaskan DJ came into being in June 1999 in Cape Town,South Africa. The person behind this is me-David van Rensburg, I set up a small PC-based studio in my bedroom. Getting into music through the guitar and terrorising the audiences in Cape Town with the noise-core punk band OBNOXSHIS, I started building up my own studio wanting to add more found sounds and odd beats to my music. Initially this was a 4 Track Fostex, which awoke the wonders of multiple track possibilities. When my gear was stolen in a house breakin, I decided to enroll in a sound engineering course, mainly to be able to use the college's studio's. I produced an Ep under the name BLONDE NEW ZERO and was hooked. After completing the course, I bought a PC and over the course of 4 months I completed TITLE X. This is my first album, I have finished a 2nd entitled SOMEWHERE WE ARE ALIVE,which will be on CD Baby as soon as duplication is completed. Pre-production work is under way for my third release. INFLUENZA: Punk Rok, do whatever you want, whatever sounds cool, freak em out, mix shit up, it's all there and there is more comin...Musically bands like Nirvana, Prodigy, Public Enemy, The Orb, Ministry, Fugazi, Phat Techno...Pop POp Pop musik, moove everybody back. E'QUIPMENT: A 366 mHz PC with a Gina soundcard formed the core of the setup. Software consisted of soundforge, Acid and Dspfx plugins. To record audio, a Sennheiser 402K P.A . microphone was used. Other samples were recorded from TV and manipulated in the audio editors. Samples from Future Music and Computer Music were used. All guitar parts and basslines were recorded using a DIAZ acoustic guitar and an Epiphone electric guitar played through a Sansamp PSA-1. Monitoring was done using a Luxman amp with dirt cheap Sony hi-fi speakers and Sennheiser HD 265 headphones. Contact : David ivmusik@metroweb.


Artist: Chilled Alaskan DJ
Title: Title X
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 3/2/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479012242