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'Shine' is Chris Chameleon's long awaited first English solo album. He picks up where he left off as vocalist and composer for the former popular monki-punk band Boo! 'Shine' consists of 12 exceptional new pop-rock songs. The songs are diverse, ranging from the dynamics of good old love to good old hate, and all the nuances like burning passion and simmering desire in between. The 12 songs were inspired by people who have played vital roles in Chris Chameleon's life over the past 17 years. Most of the tracks are dedicated to women, with the exception of the title track 'Shine', which is dedicated to Chris's former Boo! Colleagues and 'Blue', a song that was inspired by South African band Watershed. Back in the days when Boo! Was on tour in Germany, Watershed's single 'Indigo Girl' was being played on all German radio-stations and on MTV. Chris Chameleon wrote 'Blue' in honour of this success. The only song on the album that is not dedicated to anyone is 'Anywhere.' This song contains the perfect words for the perfect woman. The album as a whole has an almost tangible feeling of celebration in it's testimony to Chris Chameleon's all round perspective of those particular people who influenced his life. The title track 'Shine' reflects on feelings of loss and disappointment after the break up of Boo! Much was left unsaid and in this song, harboured feelings find expression in learning to forgive and to let go. 'Machine' is notable as an upbeat, fun song that is typical of Chris' penchant for writing quirky, chirpy songs with a deeper philosophical meaning. In spite of the familiar 'boo-isms', the song is about the notion that everything in life that you can get more of, you can never get enough of. It ultimately laughs at the notion that the body can contain the soul. The above mentioned hit material as well as other strong tracks including 'Mind made up' and 'Give up on love', ensures that 'Shine' will have an undoubtedly enslaving influence. The songs will blow your mind by continually finding a new favourite every time you listen to the album. 'Shine' was recorded at Lapa Studios in Johannesburg. Producer: Theo Crous. Engineer: Jasper Williams. Mixed by Neal Snyman.


Artist: Chris Chameleon
Title: Shine
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 11/28/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 6009661800862