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El Samuraichi

El Samuraichi

  • By Chris Dunnett
  • Release 7/10/2001
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Guitar playing is an ever-changing learning experience. Since the age of thirteen, Chris Dunnett (pronounced Da-nay) has been a student as well as a teacher of guitar technique and theory. Much more than technical ability, more than simple mechanics, Chris Dunnett exhibits melody, feel, and style. Chris began playing acoustic guitar, but has become well versed in a variety of styles, ranging from numerous rock forms to flamenco, classical, fusion, and fingerstyle new age. His songwriting began almost the moment he picked up the guitar and covers all the previous styles, as well as Top-40 and dance music. Chris' lyrics tend to draw on feelings and experiences, which he hopes all can relate to. In his instrumentals, he tries to create moods and textures with his guitar parts, rather than 'just solos.' Chris' musical influences are diverse, but include Rik Emmett, Randy Rhoads, Steve Harris, Kiss, Nancy Wilson, Alex Lifeson, David T. Chastain (whom Chris also studied under), Vinnie Moore, Al Dimeola, Peppino D'Agostino, Ottmar Liebert, Eric Johnson, Wolfgang Mozart, J.S. Bach, and Looney Tunes cartoons. His ability to play what's appropriate for the song is shown, as he concentrates more on melody and feel, rather than speed. As Chris puts it, 'There's a time to burn, but more times not to.' In addition to gaining recognition for his production skills, writing, and musicianship, the following are some of his other accomplishments. * Has appeared in and received great reviews in numerous magazines both in the U.S. and internationally. Some of these include Burrnn!!! (Japan), Underground Empire (Germany), Music Connection, Marshall Law, Recording, (U.S.), as well as other magazines in Italy, France, England, and Belgium. * Has received airplay in Germany, Greece, and the U.S. including national airplay in 22 states via the Z-Rock Network. * In 1991 was chosen among eight guitarists nationwide to audition for Lita Ford's band. * Has gained recognition for his guitar playing from Ritchie Blackmore, Lita Ford, Cinderella, Exodus, Lizzy Borden, John Stix of Guitar magazine, as well as guitar virtuosos such as David T. Chastain, Scotty Anderson, Rik Emmett, and Stevie Blaze (who liked Chris' playing and writing so much he co-produced a song on CHARACTER's self titled EP). * Has several independent releases with various band projects, and has scored music for two films. *Also plays mandolin and keyboards.


Artist: Chris Dunnett
Title: El Samuraichi
Genre: International
Release Date: 7/10/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707381121
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