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Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee

Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee

(Duplicated CD)
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'Every so often (rarely) you chance upon an artist whose work is evidently a class apart from all the others. Christina is one of those artists who deserve the world-wide recognition reserved for the few and select...' -review from the United Nations FAO CASA GAZETTE, Rome, Italy. 'Christina Harrison is petite but probably has more voice and presence per cubic inch than anyone else on the planet...' -Ian Bruce, Scottish artist. Christina is a singer/songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland and has sung before live audiences most of her life. Before extending her music career to the USA she was the lead singer in both a traditional bluegrass and a jazz band in London. She received classical voice training from Bill Ibbotson, the pianist for the great conductor, Sir Malcolm Seargent and his orchestra and Isabel Bailey, the Opera star. She has received applause in dozens of cities internationally including, London where she appeared in musicals at the Westminster Central Hall and the famous Royal Albert Hall, London. Her repertoire is beautifully versatile featuring original, contemporary and traditional folk songs from Ireland, Scotland and America. Christina tours Europe and Canada and performs as a headliner at many major Celtic festivals in the USA. She is one of the few female soloists, and one of the favourite's on the Celtic circuit and has released 5 cds on her own label 'Glenanne Music' label. In June 2000, she recorded her latest traditional Scottish CD, 'Lassie Wi' The Lint-white Locks' in Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scotland with some of Scotland's finest and famed musicians; Marc Duff founder of Capercaille, Tony McManus, Iain Fraser, Ian Lowthian and Ian Bruce (producer). Previously she released her CD of originals, (many of which scored highly in the Billboard Song Contest, of 1999) 'Someday I'm Going Home'; recorded and produced by Rich Adler at Suite 2000 in Nashville, with some of the world's finest backing musicians, including Eric Rigler who can be heard playing the Uilleann pipes on the soundtracks of Braveheart, Devil's Own and Titanic. Her superb voice can also be heard on radio internationally and on her earlier recordings, 'Exiles', 'Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee', 'Wee Folk Songs', and 'Fragments.' Favorable reviews of these recordings in publications like Dirty Linen (Baltimore) and Folk Roots (U.K.) and the support of a wide network of fans have enabled her to open for acts such as: THE CHIEFTAINS, CHERISH THE LADIES, CLANDESTINE, GENE VINCENT, CHARLIE BYRD and SEVEN NATIONS and she shares the stage with acts such as Frances Black, Delores Keanes, Natalie MacMaster, The Clancy Brothers, Sharon Shannon, Black 47 and Bonnie Rideout. REVIEWS: BONNIE SCOTLAND I ADORE THEE by Stavros Moschopoulos - Fao Casa Gazette United Nations - Rome, Italy Every so often (rarely) you chance upon an artist whose work is evidently a class apart from all the others. Christina is one of those artists who deserve the worldwide recognition reserved for the few and the select. Her gorgeous voice, her guitar and a wonderful collection of old and new songs celebrating her Scottish heritage will enhance your life like a glass of mellow red wine. Having won my admiration and the whole-hearted seal of approval from Charity my wife - true lover of folk music and a tough critic to please, Christina's CD is a mandatory addition to your precious collection as is her first one Exiles. Don't miss them. REVIEW by Tom Slattery, IRISH EDITION, Philadelphia, PA What's not to like when you take a superb voice and turn it loose on a Top 10 list of Irish and Scottish all-time favorites. You like Scottish? How about 'Flower of Scotland,' 'Annie Laurie' 'Scotland the Brave.'? 'Amazing Grace,' along with a medley including 'I Belong To Glasgow,' and 'The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen'? From across the Irish Sea there is 'Come By the Hills,' 'Danny Boy,' and 'Carrickfergus.' Enough? Well the most beautiful song on the album is the haunting 'Ae Fond Kiss.' I like it, I like it. REVIEW by Geoff Wilbur's RENEGADE, MI Christina Harrison is up to the task of singing soaring, true Scottish ballads. Originally from Glasgow (how else could she sing these songs so convincingly?), Christina's advantage is her ability to get just the right phrasing. Her vocal style is too crisp to be choral, too clear to be anything but solo. You may recognize 'Danny Boy' and 'Amazing Grace' but 'Come By the Hills' quickly stands out. RAMBLES A cultural Art Magazine on the web. There are certain songs that many Scottish and Irish musicians will refuse to perform -- unless they're entertaining a crowd of Americans, who typically believe these to be the cream of Celtic folk music. Christina Harrison, on her album Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee, does a lot of them: 'Come By the Hills,' 'Flower of Scotland,' 'Carrickfergus,' 'Scotland the Brave,' 'Danny Boy,' 'Amazing Grace,' 'Wild Mountain Thyme' and more. It's a monument to Celtic kitsch -- or, it would be if she wasn't so good at the task. Harrison, a native of Scotland who moved to Maryland via London, has produced an album which would no doubt be a big seller in any Edinburgh or Glasgow gift shop frequented by American tourists who'd rather hear those old familiar favorites instead of delving into Scotland's living, thriving musical heritage. Certainly, this is an easy album to sing along with. But, ultimately, these overdone songs can be quite beautiful in the right hands, and Harrison is well-suited to the task. Her vocals are absolutely gorgeous, strong and smooth and clear, and filled with love for her homeland. It's easy to recall, while listening to this album, why these songs became popular in the first place, back before they joined the Celtic Hit Parade and were battered into the ground by a host of well-meaning but mediocre singers. Harrison's voice is a powerful instrument, deftly infusing each with new power and spirit. Harrison also plays a subtle, but gifted guitar throughout, and she employs several backing musicians, including Mary Kay Mann (flute) and Tom O'Carroll (guitar, mandolin, banjo and more) to fill out the sound. On one track, she even pulls herself into the background to let piper Douglas McConnell bask in the spotlight for a bit. Glancing over the track list, I expected to listen to this album once and be done with it. The high quality of Harrison's singing, however, pulled me back to listen a few times more. Perhaps these songs needn't be relegated to dusty shelves after all. If Harrison is performing, I'll gladly hear them again and again.[ by Tom Knapp ]


Artist: Christina Harrison
Title: Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee
Genre: Folk
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 12/6/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 795332100428