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Strong! the Newland Trax

Strong! the Newland Trax

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She is young, cute and very talented! We talk about CHRISTINE BREZOVSKY, the new Soul rock vocalist, and new hope for the Austrian music scene. She's 23 years old and already a solid schooling behind her. Besides that she worked with personalities like Peter Legat (Count Basic), Marianne Mendt or Rens Newland. Her characteristic and strong voice sounds brilliant in Rock as well in Soul. The jazzy, R&B- or Pop side also works easily. Influenced by Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston, but also by Rock ladies like Anouk, she finds her own special way in the Interpretations of the songs. Jazz guitarist, producer and legend Rens Newland, who also came up with hi-quality Pop productions - like the one of Gina Charito - started working with the talented young lady and produced this little masterpiece, which shows the many sides of the singer (and also some of the songwriter) CHRISTINE BREZOVSKY! Without running after trends CHRISTINE BREZOVSKY moves lightly between Soul, Jazz, Funk und Pop. The name of her debuting Album, STRONG!, tells something about the voice- and the willing power of this woman. A strong production with strong texts of Lionel Lodge. We hope it will hit you strongly! Christine Brezovsky: STRONG - the newland trax The Making Of: The first meeting of RENS NEWLAND with CHRISTINE BREZOVSKY was on the recordings of Rens' production "The Bliss": Originally planned as a high impact album with different vocalists leading and backing up each other, for different reasons it ended up in a featuring album for REBECCA FREIDINGER (one of the Austrian "Idols"). But one of the songs "Kiss The Bliss", a duet Rebecca/Christine got it's place on the album (and is still part of the Christine Brezovsky live set sometimes). Rens was very impressed by the clearness and power of the CHB voice, so he proposed to stay at work and make songs and recordings for her own album. The concept started directly out of the same philosophy as the "impact project", with mainly lyrics of the Canadian Lionel Lodge (at the time living in Vienna and also working live and productionwise with Rens). The compositions and arrangements were by Rens and the musicians out of his live and studio scene. In the further process the style got a little earthier, approaching the taste of Christine. She also brought a nice own composition (Don't Wanna Think, music & words) into the program. The total result is a very clear and strong album with a lot of variety: Soul, Rock, RnB, Poppy and Jazzy things can be heard. One of the songs (Take Me Down, Let Me Go) brings us into a more gipsy-ballad - with Joschi Schneeberger on Contra Bass; another one is almost heavy metal, with refreshing horn riffs (Can't You Give Me Something More). One hi-light is the ironic reggaelike tune That's Boring, with Raggamuffin' of Claud Tissa. And everywhere Miss Brezovsky comes up with a strong vocal statement! For some titles there are horns added, but basically it is the rhythm group, Rens Newland (g), Willy Langer (b), Oliver Gattringer (d), Christian Frank (kb) who does the work here. The production is rounded by tasty keyboard and sequencer adding. The background vocals are mainly done by Christine's (still) younger and very talented sister Michaela Brezovsky. Note of the producer: This is the debut album of Christine Brezovsky. It was great to work with this exceptional talent. Her strong voice, her strong will to achieve the maximum, her strong personality, the strong feelings involved, the strong impression of the entire music, this all made the name for the CD clear: STRONG! Again I mainly chose fitting atmospheres from the lyrics of my friend and duo partner Lionel Lodge, and made music to them that fitted to Christine. One song is completely by her, some others had the music first and got text to it afterwards! Christine and I developed the songs to layouts, and with my team of great musicians here in Vienna I think we made a lively album of it. May this young lady find her way up to the musical Olympus. Rens newland - the producer Note of the artist: For me, it was a joy and a great honour to work with Rens. He is down to earth, a great musician, composer and producer. He took his time and patience and put a lot of effort into these recordings. I would like to thank all the important people who supported me throughout the whole project. First of all I want to thank Sissi and Martin Fuss who introduced me to Rens and in that way contributed to our work. I also want to thank Lionel Lodge for his wonderful lyrics; all the great musicians who it was a lot of fun to play with, both live and at the studio; all my teachers who helped me on my way to music; my friends like Peter Pollak who made some beautiful snap-shots and Christoph Wutti for his assistance; Harald Illeditsch and Ana Dzombic who always had time to listen. Last but not least my thanks go to my adorable little sister Michi - you're the best - and to my wonderful parents who I love so much. Ever since I can think, they were my friends, my advisers and my most important support. Christine brezovsky.


Artist: Christine Brezovsky
Title: Strong! the Newland Trax
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 11/21/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 9006317010627