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This Is My Happy Face

This Is My Happy Face

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Urban Cheese Records is happy to announce the release of This is My Happy Face, the third -- and best -- CD from Seattle's The Cocktail Revisionists. The Band: Leslie Kooy - Vocals Patrick Stirrat - Guitars, keyboards, vocals Neel Daniel - Bass guitar, lead guitar, vocals Brian T. Lumb - Drumbs The Record: It is hard to believe it, but this is the band's first CD in nearly 4 years, following 2002's A Murder of Crows. We hope you'll agree that it was worth the wait. Recorded between July 2004 and December 2005, this is by far the band's most ambitious effort. Adding to the chemistry of the four core members, the band invited several Seattle-area musicians into the studio during the recording sessions: Michael T. Kirby (organ & piano); Amy Windus (cello); Clark Fredricksen (trumpet); Pete Glase drums & percussion); and Steven R. Brooks (guitar & vocals). The result is a 13-song masterpiece of indie pop/rock. The Buzz: 'Intoxicating modern rock with a dash of '60s pop styling.' -- Ben Hunter, Askew Reviews 'There's a good mix here. It's a nice combination of sounds. Good for any mood. I dare say, something for everyone ... I think you'll have fun with this one' -- Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds History of the Band: Formed in 2000 from the wreckage of two Seattle-area bands (Blockhead and Surreal), the Cocktail Revisionists are four friends who are truly in love with music, who share a passion for creating honest, timeless indie pop/rock. This Is My Happy Face, their sardonically titled third -- and best -- release, is a clear illustration of this passion. Like a child of mixed parentage, The Cocktail Revisionists' diverse influences have come together to produce something truly beautiful. Combining quirky pop, old-school rock and jazz influences (with an apparent fondness for booze), they've come up with a pathos-driven sound that's both heartbreaking AND hopeful. Very much of the now, yet also fueled by an often '60's-style textured melodiousness, they straddle the line between pleasure and pain in a way we can all relate to. The Cocktail Revs deliver their message in a gorgeously melodic way that's consistently filled with a generous helping of wit and perception. They don't bother to offer a lot of answers, but they sure as hell know how you feel. Discography: This is My Happy Face (2006) - Urban Cheese Records A Murder of Crows (2002) - Urban Cheese Records Non-specific Gravity (2001) - Urban Cheese Records.


Artist: The Cocktail Revisionists
Title: This Is My Happy Face
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 3/14/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479199103