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Beautiful Departure

Beautiful Departure

  • By Comasoft
  • Release 4/14/2009
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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The Record: The new EP from Comasoft, The Beautiful Departure, represents just what the title suggests. On this second EP from the Chicago four-piece, the band has moved from their roots in 80s-esque electro-rock. The Beautiful Departure boasts seven catchy, sincere songs and features an array of brilliantly blended genres... with the punk-pop presence of Say it All, and the disco sound of Never the Same, to the strait ahead pop rock of Where this Began, each song is crafted to be a stand alone representation of the bands ideas. With the staccato 3-in-2 of the first single One to One and the chorus chants of the anthem Put Up a Fight, the focus in memorable hooks is what the band striven for from the outset. The Words: Lyrically, The Beautiful Departure reflects the band members' personal experiences over the past couple of years. There is, for example, the slight and subversive paranoia of Say it All and the acute self-consciousness and social anxiety of Where this Began. Atombomb is a youthful romp through the dichotomy of young love's struggle with codependency and individuality. All I Wanted, a track tinged with honesty and regret, blends poignant chord progressions, ethereal keyboards and an epic piano outtro with the theme of a somber conclusion to a life-changing romance. The Mission: Comasoft hopes to reach as many people as possible with The Beautiful Departure. They are ready to work hard to promote the record and play as much as possible in trying to secure a record deal to help them expand.


Artist: Comasoft
Title: Beautiful Departure
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4/14/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501123228


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