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Moon Will Rise Again

Moon Will Rise Again

  • By The Cooters
  • Release 2/11/2003
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Introduction... The highway: you know, that striped concrete abomination between roadkill and chugged beer bottles, leading from the middle of nowhere to everywhere. Well, The Cooters are on it. They're on it more than other bands because they're from Mississippi, where rock and roll begins and ends. They're not from California, not New York City, not even Nashville, but from Mississippi, where you have to drive to make ends meet. These boys are used to drivin' long hours and workin real hard to get their music to the people. The Cooters run the gamut of rock and roll styles; playing everything from punk to metal, making pit stops at all points in between and beyond. They've got your standard rock trio format (Raw on guitars and vocals, Neuter on bass and vocals, and Judas on drums and vocals), but there's not a damn thing else standard about 'em. They make music like it's meant to be heard: loud and proud with blood and sweat to burn. They've been tearin' up the South nearly ten years now, letting the musical fads come and go, while stickin' to their metal guns and holdin' fast to their punk roots. They've got legions of fans to show for it and they're always up for makin' new ones. The Cooters will be comin' to see you real soon... Manifesto... 'When times get tough in this man-made hell, like a turtle we hide in our shells. The Rat Race is for the sheep; like a turtle we'd rather sleep. A cooter is a turtle, you know? Eat some more and then you'll grow! So lift your voice and scream high praise, 'My cooter controls my ways!'' A call to arms... The Cooters have returned again with fist-pumping, punk rock fury and heavy metal riffs that are guaranteed to whip any real rock and roll shit-kicker into a frenzy. Since our unholy conception in 1993, we have withstood incarcerations, controversy, carpetbaggers, boybands, pop-punk, rap metal, and all the drama and trends that would have destroyed a lesser band. When it comes to playing, we take our cues from bad-asses like Motorhead, the Dead Kennedys, Black Sabbath, the Misfits, and the Stooges, expanding them to intergalactic proportions. We play both kinds of music: punk and metal. So ladies, bring the leather, and fellas, bring the booze 'cause we're gonna shake your soul with some high-velocity, rock and f***in roll! Any time. Any where. Any show... The Cooters can hold our own with the biggest bands on the planet, or rock the night away at a small town DIY show. In years past we have played bars, clubs, theaters, festivals, community centers, house parties, parks, backyards, trailers, offices, and even some god-forsaken honky tonks. We've played with a wide variety of bands, everyone from Nashville Pussy to Total Chaos to Destroy! To Lost Goat to the North Mississippi All-Stars and many more. We will play your show and rock your scene.


Artist: The Cooters
Title: Moon Will Rise Again
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 2/11/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 677972011022