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Birthday Trampoline

Birthday Trampoline

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For my birthday one time I bought myself this really swell guitar, A 12-string I've been wanting for some years; And I'd say I'd saved up all my pennies in a jar If this were a made up song to please and charm your ears... But I'm not much of a saver, so I traded in an axe Which I bought off of the Internet unseen Made special for this English guy, guitarist to the stars Who's always on the cover of the Guitar magazines. Now that fancy guitar I traded in had fancy sound controls, So many more than you would ever need: A tuner and an eq and a memory and reverb, A winch and GPS, anyway, much more stuff than you could ever READ-- I mean, in this tiny little screen about the size of a watch face In the DARK! Besides, I tend to bang on my guitar, And when jostled, all those digital effects would all go off at once And it sounded like a pod of blue Whales with acid reflux on a Mexican diet But I digress... I sold it and bought THIS one! And on my birthday I'm sittin and playin this guitar, Looking out the window and across the street At the former farmer's fields where all those giant houses are, And just lettin' my thumb lay down a beat. And as I sat there on my birthday sorta picking at the strings, I let my mind shut up so my thumb could have it's say, And my eyes got up and wandered by themselves across the street To where some kids were on their trampoline at play.


Artist: Crabmeat Thompson
Title: Birthday Trampoline
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 9/25/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700261220697


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