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Livin in Strut

Livin in Strut

  • By Crimson Sweet
  • Release 2/22/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Hips, lips and a whole lotta slips: Crimson Sweet is 'Electric' Al Huckabee (drums) Robbie Kongress (bass), and Polly Watson (neé Rooster Booster) (guitar & vocals). The band released three hot 7's and an EP before this, their debut full-length album was released on San Francisco's On/On Switch label. The record racked up rave reviews and is now in it's second pressing. Crimson Sweet is just back from their first European tour supporting the recently released 7', 'Blood Transfusion,' to be followed by a full-length, 'Eat the Night,' both on the mighty Shake It Records. The band will be back on the road in the US this summer and fall. 'If everyone in NYC was as cool and rocking as Crimson Sweet, I would move there and live in the subway (or sewers). This record rocks more than a bag of rocks! '-ROCTOBER 'Scraped off bare cement at some East Village basement venue, NYC trio Crimson Sweet sweats pure glam-punk, drowning ears in power chords and distilled garage-rock vocals reminiscent of older Replacements-meets-Cheap-Trick-meets-Dead-Moon. Led by frontwoman Polly Watson, Joan Jett's evil twin, [the band is] a ménage a trois of underground energy.' -SHEPHERD-EXPRESS (MILWAUKEE) 'If there'sa better singer than Polly Watson, I want to hear her now. The Crimson Sweet frontwoman pumps more power than Pink through more gravel than Westerberg, sounding surprisingly human and expressive at shouting volumes. Her toughness leaves no room for melisma or girlishness.' -CITY PAGES (MINNEAPOLIS) 'Have you ever seen those old punk mags in books where they list Blondie as 'punk' and they don't even come close to that description? Well, this is what they would sound like in a wet dream. This is probably one of the best female-fronted, straight-up punk'n'roll bands. Actually, this is one of the best rock records since Cheap Trick's Live at Budokan. You don't have to say a thing: I know those are brave words. But they start out with Silverhead's 'Hello New York' and just don't stop. There are some key songs such as 'Airport Novel,' 'I Want to Live' and 'Queen City V.A.' that show an amazing range and homage to other bands of yesterday but make them their own. The rasp in this girl's voice is equally matched by the music, raw and aggressive. Even the mellower songs are pretty aggro and in your face. The music is 100 perent pure mainlined rock'n'roll. If this trio get the recognition they deserve, we'll be hearing a lot more of these guys. If you'll excuse me, I need to track down their catalog and wait patiently for them to make it to Boston.' -PUNK PLANET '. . . rock 'n' roll that's wholly visceral and electric. Polly Watson's alluring Joan Jett-like wail is what will draw you in initially, but her jolting guitar-work is an even more significant selling point - an echoing, ear-pleasing onslaught of ringing power chords, reminiscent of Middle Class, Pylon, and Twin/Tone-era Replacements. Crimson Sweet are no '80s throwback, but the genius lessons they've absorbed from that era make this all the more crucial.' -THE BIG TAKEOVER 'I've been keeping my eye on this NYC power trio for a couple years now. Their singles have been an intriguing blend of garage and glampunk and I've been looking forward to their first full-length release. Well, it's finally here and it exceeds all expectations I could have had. It's probably the hardest rockin', most realized stuff Polly and the boys have put out. The disc kicks off with a brilliant raved-up version of Silverhead's immortal 'Hello New York' and tunes like the dark 'Still Glistening' and pedal-to-the-floor driving 'No Hot on Cold' just blow me away. Mandatory rockage!' -CARBON 14.


Artist: Crimson Sweet
Title: Livin in Strut
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2/22/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479110276