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Life Rolls on

Life Rolls on

  • By Critical Heat
  • Release 8/1/2006
  • Music Genre Blues
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Critical Heat consists of 4 members. Each member brings their own unique and special musical background to every song. The result is a powerful, diverse and honest feeling that you can hear and feel. Each song has a story that can be interpreted in many ways which allows the listeners a chance to make each song there very own. The music talks about life and how it affects all of us, it sometimes answers questions and at other times leaves you guessing. Either way you end up wanting more. The band has been living and playing music in the greater Seattle area for many years and the vast musical influence's coming from this region can also be heard on many of the songs Critical Heat has written and recorded on there new CD, "Life Rolls On". Dave Oliveira. AKA Slider or Big Daddy, which ever you prefer, came to the band from the California bay area where he played bass for many original funk and rock bands. His ethnicity and soulfulness combined with his hard driving rock and roll spirit can be heard and felt throughout the CD. His energy and power is there for you to enjoy. Connie Willard. Connie has been associated with live rock and roll music for many years, everything from lights to sound, you name it she has done it. The thing we didn't know about her was that she had such an awesome singing voice. One day we ask her to stand in and sing a little background vocals for the band and the rest is history. Her soft, beautiful, melodic voice is in sharp contrast to the harder gravely voice of the lead singer but the combination is something special that I know you will love. Ron Sidney. Ron is an exceptional drummer who has played in many cover and original bands throughout the years. Ron's playing style has the precision and dynamics of jazz fusion mixed with the power and drive of a true rock drummer. This works to enhance each song to it's fullest potential and maximizes it's delivery to the listener. Ben Willard. Ben first started playing guitar, singing and writing songs as soon as he could walk the 5 miles to learn the chords. He is the main force behind Critical Heat's songs. The depth of the music is a reflection of his soul. Much of his life is spent pondering just that, and many of his thoughts and dilemmas end up as a musical expression. Welcome to the mind of a dreamer who believes in what he says and says what he believes in a song.


Artist: Critical Heat
Title: Life Rolls on
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 8/1/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101197038