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Decategorized Sound

Decategorized Sound

  • By Crystal Radio
  • Release 11/18/2008
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Jeff Fineberg - synthesizers, piano & computer Jeff Fineberg has played in a variety of ensembles which have included genres such as Progressive Rock (Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Genesis, Gentle Giant), Jazz-Rock Fusion (Jeff Beck, Return to Forever, Jan Hammer), Popular bands (Police, U2, Led Zepplin). From a solo perspective, he has and continues to study piano works from periods such as Baroque, Classical, Impressionistic and Contemporary. As part of his educational experience at the University of Buffalo, Jeff studied piano from Livingston Gearhart and attended several other classes, including electronic music, music theory and also Media Studies courses, such as Digital Arts, and Video Production. In addition to creating video and digital arts works as part of the curriculum, Jeff completed his BA degree via an Independent study, producing a video "Computational Affliction" with Tony Conrad as advisor. The music for the video was created by Jeff, Shaun Stevenson and Gary Boch. Jeff later returned to University of Buffalo for a Masters Degree in Computer Science. This experience has helped both in his career in Information Technology and with music production and composition. Jeff's instrumentation initially utilized organ (Hammond) and later migrated to the usage of synthesizers (Moog, Roland and virtual types), Fender Rhodes Electric piano, acoustic piano, dulcimer and computer generated sound, including both pitch and text-to-speech usages. In 2007, he became acquainted with Computer Music techniques utilizing Csound. The techniques utilized are both real time for performance and programmed. In addition to playing in Crystal Radio with Shaun Stevenson and John Fatta, Jeff also composes and continues to work on piano / keyboard technique, in addition to the current exploration of Computer Music. John Fatta - percussion, drumset, concussion, rhythmatist & envisionist At the age of two, Johnny was diagnosed with ADHD. The doctor recommended an outlet for his high energy. His parents decided that drums would be his outlet and they purchased his first drums. Little did his parents know that decision would change Johnny's life forever. Formal lessons began at the age of eight and thus began his musical career. Hitting things and experimenting with sounds and rhythms became his passion. While still in high school, Johnny Rhythm was playing out in his first professional band in the local Buffalo circuit and the surrounding area. After high school, Johnny continued to perform professionally while attending SUNY at Buffalo where he earned his bachelor degrees in Music Performance in Percussion, Music Education, a minor in Music Composition, and a Masters in Education. Johnny is the author of the snare drum method book "The Systematic Approach for the Snare Drummer" and is currently working on a drum set method book. He private teaches at the Buffalo Music School and public school. Johnny officially endorses Regal Tip Drumsticks and is a sought out after session player, educator, performer, and producer. His current project, "Crystal Radio" is a culmination of all his past endeavors. Shaun Stevenson - guitar, voice & maundering In the seventy sixth year of the twentieth fallen petal..... a knot tied with Jacks Screaming Guitar begat Maving's strap, that which yielded the mighty Fury. Hutch, Zot Carmen's scarved warrior surfing the PCH sublimed to a wonder, the silent, sweet seed dream days of Bock's studio. Onyx's timber stuffed Dart, led the way to Fin's Caged Partch blossoming so many colours, shorn then by Julie's Scissors stolen from Fritzy's Trees. Then in the third year of the Twenty first thirst I asked them not to hunt,and surreptitiously at my step( in five).........a crystal.


Artist: Crystal Radio
Title: Decategorized Sound
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 11/18/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479936135