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Silver Spork

Silver Spork

  • By Curse Toast
  • Release 10/1/2002
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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REVIEW ADDICT: 'A tour de force through some of the weirder veins in rock, including a Hawkwindesque acid folk travelogue ('Immodest'), demented country-cum-Ween ('Hot Dog Halves'), the dreamy psychedelic sludge of Jane's Addiction, replete with ominous, late 80's-style guitar licks ('The Night Before a Year-Long Trip'), and a sad, late 80's too-long-on-the-road ballad ('Foreverday'), film clips of life flashing by in the video to the song, silent, morose faces and childhood sprinkler days of summer, everything going by in thought...' BAM MAGAZINE: 'There's a very endearing, 'for the hell of it' sensibility surrounding this surprisingly engaging project. The vocals are raw, the instruments are raw, the songwriting is raw, and even the humor is kind of raw. In other words, in many ways, it represents the original, unpretentious design of rock and roll.' The legendary band, Curse Toast, first took form and shape in that fertile pool from whence many artists trace their evolution: organized crime. In 1983 a young Christopher Farrell was working as a hired goon for the late Tony 'The Car Salesman' Markezi. Indeed, he was Markezi's favorite goon, and the venerable Don was often heard to say, '...that Chris, what a goon!' In July of that year, Chris was asked to show the proverbial ropes to a new young tough named Anthony Mondello. Anthony had recently earned his Masters Degree in English Lit from Brandeis, and was eager to make an impression. Chris and Anthony immediately hit it off, what with their love of music and jazz dancing and mocking others. They became inseparable. Then, one day, on an otherwise uneventful drive to a hit, their eyes met, and they knew - they just knew - that they wanted something else for their respective lives. Being two straight men, they reluctantly concluded that making love to each other would be inappropriate, and possibly painful. They decided to form a band, and they decided to call it Curse Toast. Fast forward twelve years. Their first release. An eponymous album, which, by definition, was called 'Curse Toast.' It was immediately hailed by four of the seven friends who heard it as 'good' and 'pretty good.' Their sophomore effort, another album which they dubbed 'Two Words,' contained many hit songs, including the first one and the third one on side 2. Needless to say, Chris and Anthony were extremely proud of their growth as both musicians and songwriters. They decided to steal a car and go to Atlantic City to celebrate. They were promptly arrested and jailed. Enter Jim Saunders, an unusually dapper young man, who was born to a life of wealth and opulence and additional wealth. His parents spoiled him, gave him whatever he wanted, including, on the very day he turned sixteen, a brand new Suzuki Samurai. Black. Yet he had always dreamed of something more. Something out there had always called to him, as if he was one of those birds that was attracted to those whistles that the hunters blow when they want to get the birds closer so that they can shoot them. But it wasn't until one night, at his local pharmacy, that Jim first heard the sweet strains of Curse Toast's 'Yeast.' He finally knew what he wanted. He made some calls, learned of the boys' predicament, hot-footed it down to the local facility, and promised to bail them out if they let him join the band. The rest is history.


Artist: Curse Toast
Title: Silver Spork
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10/1/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479793592