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Change the World

Change the World

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Curtis Robinson plays the guitar as if his life depends on it. And it does. If not his biological life, then without question his creative life is inextricably bound to the instrument, the instrument he began playing when he was in elementary school. Toay the native Chicagoan picks his guitar strings in a way that shows, since then; he has grown as much musically as he has physically. Curtis is on his way to stardom. He now headlines at some of Chicago's most popular clubs, including Andy's Jazz Club, Pops for Champagne, ETA theatre and The Jazz Showcase. From time to time certain great ideas take hold of and move across the landscape of our minds, planting seeds and leaving impressions. This is something which we all are familiar with as individuals. We have also seen the transformative power of an idea whose time has come sweep through societies and cultures. Obvious examples relate to the various movements for human dignity and empowerment which involved whole societies, yet which have become symbolized in the life of an individual. So, we have the civil rights movement in the United States with Martin Luther King jr.; the satyawgratha movement for Indian independence with Mahatma Ghandi; the anti apartheid movement in South Africa symbolized by Nelson Mandela; the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia with Vaclav Havel; and countless others. The power of these movements, if we are to believe the men and women who stood at their centers, did not come merely from the strength of their numbers, or the logic of their arguments, but from a deeper source. This short book by Curtis Robinson speaks from that source. This work is a testament to a timeless idea/experience which is gaining in popular awareness. That idea/experience has been termed 'flow' - as in 'go with the flow', or to be 'in the flow'. It is a wonderful way of expressing the experience of being moved, directed, and inspired by a current of the Higher Life. Throughout history this flow has been the territory of mystics, poets, artists, and musicians, but has not been a focus for the bulk of humanity who tend to deny their own creativity and spirituality. Curtis, who is a recognized jazz musician, for years has trained himself to be sensitive to the flow of musical ideas. Even with his long experience, it came as a surprise to him a few months ago when he found himself moving in a new direction. Without warning a stream of stories, conversations, profound sayings, and poems were continually welling up in his mind. Although he had written before, always it had been music. This time it was words crying out to be set on paper. The material in this book is the result of one month of Curtis going with the flow. It is offered knowing that what one can do, all can do. May these words awaken you to your own inner voice, and move you to step into the stream that flows to the highest good.


Artist: Curtis Robinson
Title: Change the World
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 9/27/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 9781929612802