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Instant Classic

Instant Classic

  • By Cyclone 60
  • Release 12/16/2008
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

One day Roachie Peru and Bobby Gone smashed out some hits. It was immediately determined that SST Sonic Boom tone-emulator Hag Slacks should be recruited to round out the sound. After crafting some more Top-10 banjo singles, 'Smash Hits', Cyclone 60's debut album, was released to a resounding lack of response... Due to biological themes, Hag Slacks went family style, and fittingly in step with the end of the Concorde's trans-Atlantic super-sonic commercial service, Cyclone 60 was without sonic boom and a swell chum... Enter Cezar Fiberglass... Rocket launch/nuclear fusion reactor sound-specialist and all around Sigg Fugg, Cezar Fiberglass steps in with a gargantuan sound and the lovely Angeline in tow... Hag Slacks gives two thumbs up. Roachie breaks with the Dolly Llama and has a short stint as a gold prospector named Ricky Klondike. After losing his pickaxe and team of dogs, he shortens his name to 'They Call Him Ricky' and wonders why his birth name was not Wadsworth Ricky Waldorf-Astoria Gasatron. Meanwhile Bobby Gone becomes a certified Sherpa and scales Devil's Tower just so he could relieve himself off the top. With all pieces in place, the final touches are placed on a new collection of platinum singles called "Instant Classic". Dudes and cool people all around the world rejoice. Sonic pleasure fills the airwaves and ejaculatory gestures of good will register on Richter scales in Japan. Someone sails a paper bird into the wind and it flies all the way to Jupiter where, as it descends, it defecates onto the head of a Martian-like space creature. Tongs are surgically removed from an anus at a local hospital, and suddenly, peace settles upon the world...


Artist: Cyclone 60
Title: Instant Classic
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/16/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501077491