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Missing Venus

Missing Venus

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

It all started with zoey 101, the television show.. I received a bunch of requests for the title track of this album, "missing venus." Viewers from the show wanted to buy the song, and it motivated me to put this record out. I wrote & recorded "missing venus" quickly. It was written for a love scene b't the lead characters on zoey 101. The song caught some attention, low & behold, in it's very raw demo form, you can hear it on this collection of unreleased songs. In or around 1999, I was working with tad wadhams (this is pre-SAUCY MONKY). Tad is a great partner in crime. So quirky & talented, we've recently rekindled our song-writing, as he has a new studio we can frolic around inat will. "the other girl next door" was written back in the day, post my eponymous debut, along with "can't make u happy," and "punching bag." Those 2 tracks were recorded w/ joel soyffer, up in glendale at his studio, coney island. Band mate (from the sugar junkies) adrian foltz, played the drums on those 2 tracks. Adrian also appears singing background vox on "knew you better" and "no more." now those songs were from my very early days in the LA music scene. Somewhat aggressive in nature, I now find the tracks humorous. It gives me a chuckle to listen to them. My brother jeffrey, soup'd up the original acoustic recordings (which were released on THE sugar junkies one & only album).. We flew into NYC & recorded the tracks with jeff's friend kato khandwala, somewhere in mid-manhattan. All this was documented for the film "itch," a TV pilot about young, indie bands..produced by my friend troy okoniewski. "serendipity" was written & recorded w/ the chaps from the band joe 90. At the time, chris seefried was just starting to wear his production hat, along w/ partner & band mate adam hamilton. My manager at the time, chris McClure, connected me w/ those guys, and this song shows off just the 'tip of the iceberg' of their talents. "serendipity" was recorded in the studio behind peer music, up in laurel canyon (Los Angeles, CA). My friend paul pesco, who I met through trevor gale (amazing musician, producer, now music industry heavy weight - who actually took 2 of the photos that ended up on the artwork for this record)! Paul started his career playing guitar in madonna's early 80's band. Ha! He's been a side man for everyone, he is such a talented guy. One night, we holed up in a friend's studio, somewhere in Hollywood, and knocked out a bunch of tracks. "trigger" was the one that stuck, and here it is, on this eclectic collection of songs. To me, this record is just a \'tip 'o the hat\' to the PROCESS. What ? brings us to where we are.. hope you enjoy it. Xx cynthia.


Artist: Cynthia Catania
Title: Missing Venus
Genre: Rock
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 9/24/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479830402