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  • By D2O
  • Release 1/31/2006
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

FLowing ouT oF the subuRbs oF ATLanta comEs tHe reFresHing souNd of D2O. tHe dUo coNsisTs oF micHael blaNchaRd aNd eRic daVis. Known foR bRiNgiNg togetHer a viTaL soLuTioN to tHe pReseNT sTatE of hiP hoP, theiR appropRiateLy titled deBut alBum "thE soLutioN" maDe wAvEs. witH aN uNcaNNy aBiLiTy tO reLaTe tO liSteNeRs anD a poWeRFul sTage pResCenCe D2O iS caPtiVaTing auDieNces eveRywheRe they go. saTuRaTed witH paSSioN thE muSiC spEaKs foR iTseLf. A bLenD of hiP hoP and r&B aNd rocK. ^#^it dRaws fRom maNy souRces. IF you asKed wHat thE maiN inFluenCe is theIR reSponSe wouLd bE "LifE. proFound lyRics aNd a boLd deLiVery arE reSponSiBLe foR peaKiNg inteResT, oR "cauSiNg tHiRst." tHis iS hOw "miKe b." picKeD uP tHe naMe "s.a.l.t." thE aBiLiTy tO tRutHfuLLy addReSS iSSueS iN a maNNeR wHicH aNsweRs queStioNs or "queNcHes tHiRst" iS wHy eRic iS caLLeD "F.R.E.S.H." tHeSe twO coNsiDer tHis moRe tHaN meRe muSiC. tO tHeM it iS tHeiR liFeStyLe wHicH goeS bEyoNd notEs, dRumS, woRDs aNd iS prACTicED daiLy. ^#^it wAS iN 1998 tHaT "s.a.l.t. and "F.R.E.S.H." caMe tOgetHer to form D2O. aFteR puRcHasiNg equiPmeNT eRic and miKe begaN pRoduciNg tRacKs tO suPPoRt aNd enHancE tHe LyRiCs tHey weRe begiNNing tO peN fReQuentLy iN 2000 tHey reLeasEd "tHe soLutioN" wHich coNtaiNed tHe hitS "fiRe wiT fiRE" aNd "forgoT aBouT God." iT waS opeNLy accEpteD iN ATLanta's locaL hiP hoP commuNity rEvealiNg tHe liSteNers hoPe for a cHangE. aFteR gRaciNg many stagEs and a paiNfuLLy loNg hiaTuS tHe dUo eMerGeD baCk oN tHe sCeNe in 2004. pRediCtiNg tHe pUbLics desiRe foR soMetHing reaL tHey iNviteD tHeir liSteneRs iNto thEiR pRivate liVes witH tHe soPHoMoRE reLeasE titLeD "sEE sONS oF liFe." (puN iNteNdeD) tHe aLbum eNabLed tHe liSteNeRs tO geT a plaiN viEw oF tHe dRiving foRce beHind tHese twO. wiTh stoRies of tRagedy aNd tRiumPH tHese twO rEveaLed tHe sEcRet to sucessFuL liViNg: kNowiNg wHosE yOu aRe kNowiNg wHo yOu aRe aNd bEing wHo YOU aRE. pReseNt dAy fiNds D2O pRepaRing to tuRn looSe tHieR highLy aNticiPateD tHirD aLbum caLLed "sOuNd doctoriN'." witH tHe poweR tO shoCk thE industRy aNd revive wHat haS beeN pRonouNced dEad it iS guaRaNteeD tO dO moRE tHan muSiC haS eveR doNe beFoRe. iN it oNe thiNg bEcomeS obvious. D2O iS noT oNLy doiNg tHiS foR applauSe, popuLaRity, or moNey. tHey truLy lovE wHat tHey dO. tHiS iS aN aSSeT tHat caN bE heaRd iN tHeiR muSiC aNd iS a paRt oF it'S appEal. tHeiR goaL iS tO iMpacT tHe eaRth witH tHeir meSSagE. wateR haS maNy diFFeReNT puRpoSes aNd pRopeRtieS. aS you reSeaRcH tHem you fiNd D2O caN bE compaRed tO aNd coNsideRed juSt aS impoRtaNt.


Artist: D2O
Title: Solution
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 1/31/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 680117777721


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