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Come on Get Happy: Best of 1

Come on Get Happy: Best of 1

  • By Daddy a Go-Go
  • Release 2/3/2009
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Look for Daddy A Go Go at Auditorium Shores Stage in Austin, TX at SXSW Saturday March 20th, 2010. Bring the parents. This CD featured in PEOPLE MAGAZINE May 11th 2009, the double 'Beautiful People' issue with the very beautiful Christina Applegate on the cover: In a feature on 'KIDS AND BABY CDs that says, 'whether you've got newborns, toddlers or grade-schoolers, these news discs will soothe and amuse. Listed among this who's who of performers with new children's CD's is Come On Get Happy (The Best of Daddy A Go Go Vol. 1). Thus we quote: Kids' Rocker John Boydston (a.k.a Daddy A Go Go) brings a percussive beat and sly humor to songs like 'I Caught My Daddy Watching Cartoons.' Georgia Music Magazine - (May 2009): Children's music by rockers is usually a creepy exercise in baby-talk pandering and tame musicianship, and often serves as a sad extension of a career long-ago extinguished. Thankfully, Atlantan John Boydston (recording under the non-de-pop Daddy A Go Go) avoids all the negatives and serves up a giddy and unrelentingly positive blend of excellent performances filled with clever word-play and enough family-friendly good times to satisfy even the sourest elitist. Come On, Get Happy is an invitation to sample the best of his delightful ditties which were carefully culled from his catalog of silliness and sincerity. The title track, better known as the theme to The Partridge Family, 'Best Friend' (featured in The Courtship of Eddie's Father) and 'Scooby Doo, Where Are You?' complete the candy-coated culture-smart universe of tunes. -- LEE VALENTINE SMITH Kids Music/ 'compiles some of John Boydston's most rockin' Daddy A Go Go music from the six albums that span his ten-year kids' music career. Hopefully Volume 2 is in the works, 'cause it's crazy not to include on this first volume the tunes 'Rock of Ages' and 'Idaho!' from 2008's Rock of All Ages, or Daddy A Go Go's best song ever, 'For Those About to Walk (We Salute You),' from the 2006 CD Eat Every Bean and Pea on Your Plate.' DADDY A GO GO PROVES FATHER KNOWS BEST on 'COME ON, GET HAPPY (THE BEST OF DADDY A GO GO, VOLUME 1)' "The lyrics are pure kid, but parents will hear nods to the Eagles, the Dead and even proto-punks the Vaselines. End result: a perfect soundtrack for changing diapers, washing the minivan or just bopping around the kitchen.' - Newsweek "John Boydston celebrates kids and classic rock with slick '60s pop references, entertaining lyrics with a froth of good-for-you messages and feel-good, sing-along bounce." - Los Angeles Times 'You gotta love the brains and instruments behind Daddy a Go Go -- John Boydston, a former CNN producer and current stay-at-home dad who came of age in rock's golden era and is now trying to re-create it for kids. He does it with his original songs, groaner pop culture puns, smart covers and ripping guitar lines ... Daddy a Go Go proves again that he's one of kids-music's rockin'-est rulers.' - Minneapolis Star-Tribune ATLANTA, GA (February 4th, 2009) - Multi-award-winning children's rock and roll recording artist DADDY A GO GO, a.k.a. Atlanta stay-at-home dad John Boydston, enthusiastically announces the April 7 release of his seventh studio CD, Come On, Get Happy (The Best of Daddy A Go Go, Volume 1) (Boyd's Tone Records, $11.99, run time 37 minutes). A "greatest hits" album comprised of favorites from all six previous Daddy A Go Go CDs, Come On, Get Happy continues the Daddy A Go Go alterna-rock tradition of what Stomp & Stammer described as "upbeat, wildly entertaining rave-ups, sing-alongs and silly puns that have endeared the group to kids (and their parents) nationwide." One of the leading proponents and practitioners of the kids' rock music movement, former CNN producer John Boydston has been "rocking out and raving on" for families since 1998. The acclaim has been both unanimous and tremendous. Five of Daddy A Go Go's six previous CDs have made's "Best of the Year" critics' list. Monkey in the Middle and Mojo A Go Go have been honored with the prestigious Parents' Choice Award. The Washington Post credited Daddy A Go Go with helping change the face of kids' music by moving "playroom tunes into the pop-rock era." The New York Post enthused, "This is one hip daddy!" Kids' music authority Warren Truitt (, has characterized Boydston's albums as "full of puns, parental pop music winks, and headbanging riffs ... John Boydston let's the jokes fly and the rock and roll thunder." Track One of Come On, Get Happy (The Best of Daddy A Go Go, Volume 1) is a rocking makeover of the Partridge Family theme, for which John Boydston says he "took the wimpiness out." The album continues to roll out the rhythm with such numbers as the good time sing along "Nana-Nana Boo-Boo," the infectious, bass-heavy twang rocker "I Can Swing By Myself," a talkin' blues number titled "Daddy's Diaper Blues," "Do The Chores," described by FamilyFun as "a spirited screed against the crushing futility of tidying up," and the audaciously packed-with-puns "Pink Floyd Saves Hugh Manatee." Critic Tammy La Gorce managed to stop laughing long enough to write,, "John Boydston, who writes and records all his songs somewhere in the recesses of his crawling-with-kids suburban home is a master of the ridiculous. Between carpool rounds and hockey drills, he dreams up songs about pink flamingos named Floyd (get it? Pink Floyd?) who get tangled up with manatees called Hugh." This song, which originally appeared on the Daddy A Go Go album Eat Every Bean and Pea On Your Plate, was covered by rock great Rick Derringer in 2007. According to Derringer, "Daddy A Go Go rocks with the big guys." Following in the footsteps of the great family bands in American musical history, Father John has been playing and singing on Daddy A Go Go albums with sons Jake and Max since they were preschoolers. At 16 and 13 respectively, they are now old enough and good enough players to perform live with Dad (and family friends Jonathan Paz, 16, and Daniel Cohen, 14) as the Daddy A Go Go Band. They've already played some high-profile shows, including the Austin City Limits festival, and their 2007 gig at Austin's South by Southwest festival was so well received they've been invited to return this coming March. Explains Boydston, "The reason for this 'Best of' album is simple. In the past year and a half since my kids have become my live band, I've been reminded over and over why I got into this in the first place. Kids are natural rockers. I remember being on stage in Austin at Austin City Limits last year, looking at my son Max playing one of my leads and my other son Jake on the far side of the stage holding down the fort on bass, and I was just blown away. Who are these kids, and how did we get here? I had grown a lot musically since my early CDs, and I have since become nostalgic about those early days when I was putting these songs together. I've got a story for every song, and they all stem from something my kids said or did. These are things that happen to every kids and parent. I just happened to be in the songwriting mode back then." Cookie magazine raved, 'When a rock-fan dad gets fed up with the usual kindergarten fare, results include kid-friendly covers of Ramones and Spinal Tap songs and the AC/DC spoof 'For Those About to Walk, We Salute You.'... The fun he's having is infectious.' Wrote Jem Aswad in Time Out New York Kids, 'What separates Daddy A Go Go's John Boydston from the rest of the alt-kids pack is his unfettered willingness to rock: While many (if not most) others in his field seem to do so tentatively, fearful of offending tender ears, this Atlanta-based father seems to know intuitively that rock is practically encoded into kids' DNA; as a result, he has always embraced power chords and driving rhythms with glee." Come On, Get Happy (The Best of Daddy A Go Go, Volume 1) will be available online at,,, itunes, and at local specialty toy and bookstores. # # # CD Details: Come On, Get Happy (The Best of Daddy A Go Go, Volume 1). For ages 1 - 4. Release date: April 7, 2009. SRPO: $12.99 Run time: 37 minutes. TRACK LIST: Come On, Get Happy (Big Rock Rooster, 2002) Birthday Song (Monkey in the Middle, 2000) Brush Your Teeth (Cool Songs for Cool Kids, 1998) Dog Named Boomer (Cool Songs for Cool Kids) Scooby Doo, Where Are You? (Cool Songs for Cool Kids) I Caught My Daddy Watching Cartoons (Big Rock Rooster) Nana-Nana Boo-Boo (Rock of All Ages, 2008) I Can Swing By Myself (Cool Songs for Cool Kids) Do the Chores (Mojo A Go Go, 2004) The ABC Song (Cool Songs for Cool Kids) Pink Floyd Saves Hugh Manatee (Eat Every Bean and Pea On Your Plate, 2006) I Think I Might Be A Dog (Mojo A Go Go) Best Friend (Courtship of Eddie's Father theme) (Monkey in the Middle) Daddy's Diaper Blues (Cool Songs for Cool Kids) It's a Kids' World (Eat Every Bean and Pea On Your Plate)


Artist: Daddy a Go-Go
Title: Come on Get Happy: Best of 1
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 2/3/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501096942