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Share My Campfire

Share My Campfire

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Howdy Neighbors! Please allow me to introduce myself as Dale 'Sourdough' Myres-'Edutainer Extraordinaire' and am a sixth generation Texan. Specializing in Texas and American West 1800's history using a combination of period music, talks, artifacts and camp set-ups. From Mountain Man to a Trail Drive Era Cowboy, I'll bring past to life.My musical instruments include; banjo, guitar, harmonica, mountain dulcimer, Native American flute and wash tub bass.The CD 'Share My Campfire' combines these instruments,some poetry and songs to give a cross sectional of the Texas/Western style music that I enjoy performing. Debra Coppinger Hill - Academy of Western Artist Female Cowboy Poet of the Year-2002 says of Sourdough's music and poetry; ' Dale 'Sourdough' Myres is without a doubt a pure historian in presentation and writing. His heart and talents come to light in his singing and playing. With traditional instruments the dulcimer, banjo, guitar, harmonica, washtub bass and the Native America flute, Sourdough transports us through time to a simpler, kinder place and gives us a sense of peace hard to find in the real world. Thanks 'Dough, for sharing your wonderful gift. It is a joy to set at your fire.' O.J. Sikes, who does Western Music Reviews for 'The Western Way' and 'Rope Burns' both Western music publications says; 'This album of songs and poems is a little different from most. His instruments are traditional ones. He uses a Native American flute to introduce the album as he recites a poem to the sounds of a campfire. His banjo supports the first song 'Home Grown Tomatoes', followed by a beautiful dulcimer instrumental. 'Sourdough''s acoustic guitar, washtub bass and harmonica appear later. We don't hear many flute or dulcimer instrumentals in Western music nowdays, and I really enjoyed those here. Sourdough's family has been in Texas for generations, and his tradtional performances, including some original material, serve to educate while entertaining.' Ol'Sourdough was accepted into the Texas Commission on the Arts,as a Touring Artists from 2001-2006.The Texas Touring Arts Program provides financial assistance to metropolitan and rural communities for performances and presentations by metropolitan and rural communities for performances and presentations by outstanding Texas-based companies and artists. Folks, come on by and 'Share My Campfire' anytime or give me an email and I'll be happy to write back and tell of the shinin' times! Sourdough Myres.


Artist: Dale "Sourdough" Myres
Title: Share My Campfire
Genre: Spoken
Release Date: 6/11/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479109720


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