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  • By Damon Aaron
  • Release 3/11/2003
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

The distillation of 30 or so songs recorded for the much anticipated and as yet to be released LP, the Cymbidium release is the first part of a much larger story, and an introduction to Damon Aaron. Born under the curving eaves of his home, it is a projection of living, breathing moments recalled in metaphor and melody. Damon builds working blues for dreamers. Though informed as much by hip-hop and electronic music as acoustic music, this body of work is not about genre or production. This is contemplative and personal storytelling in the tradition of Terry Callier and Nick Drake. Lyrically it manages to be both literal and impressionistic at the same time, mining the between spaces and finding the commonalities. This is the central theme of the larger work that cymbidium comes from and is hinted at in it's title, 'Eaves'. Cymbidium includes 8 acoustic soul pieces that are equal parts modern and timeless; sophisticated and simple; roots and future. Most of the work was self-produced and largely recorded at home on 1/2' inch 8-track tape and MPC. Along with a close circle of collaborators Damon expertly crafts shimmering California soul. His rich voice floating in a netherworld where wood and circuits join in natural union and acoustic strings and strums spread out a bright palette punctuated by the raw crack of drums. Cymbidium is a first glance. The road lies wide open. Damon Aaron's future roots are spreading. - Frosty, ------ Bio Brief Soul-folk singer/songwriter/producer Damon Aaron has performed as a sideman with Divine Styler, Breakestra, and DJ Nobody, and is currently touring Europe, playing bass and singing with The Sofa Surfer's I-Wolf. Damon's songs have appeared on the critically acclaimed compilations Dublab Presents: Freeways (Emperor Norton) and The Funky Precedent (Loosegroove). Damon regularly receives airplay from Gilles Peterson (Worldwide), Garth Trinidad (KCRW's Chocolate City), and Carlos Nino (KPFK's Spaceways). ------ Reviews, quotes and blurbs '...Damon Aaron is a singer-songwriter-producer who feels deeply and sends his words out as uncut emotion. Imagine that Van Morrison had grown up in a time of hip-hop beats. Imagine that HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey sang the blues on his deathbed. Over a moody bed of orchestral fragments and a slow boom-bap, the five minutes of Aaron's 'Don't Get Up' are the new benchmark in vocally phrasing torture.' - LA Weekly '...equally restrained, soulful and tortured' - Pop Matters Music '...Damon Aaron's sound delivers a moving experience with it's organic strings and glitch spiritual hybrid.'- Audio Galaxy '...severely moody R&B.' - '...Damon Aaron, who is all chamber blues and slinky noir and a tantalizing glimpse at one in a group of artists who've been quietly edging musical trends towards the frontiers of God-knows-where--and hopefully beyond.'- LA New Times '..Damon Aaron delivers the slow-burning 'Don't Get Up Again,' sounding something like a clear-voiced soul singer interpreting traditional blues choruses over a sad, swelling series of beats' - Stylus Magazine.


Artist: Damon Aaron
Title: Cymbidium
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 3/11/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 827312227327