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  • By Dan Craig
  • Release 1/16/2007
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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There's something about Dan Craig's music. Often compared to artists like Damien Rice, Ryan Adams, and Josh Ritter, "the innocence of Craig's songwriting and seasoned scratch of his voice" give way to the unique, yet reminiscently inviting music that he has become known for in Colorado over the last year. His 2006 release, "Wirebird", ranges from subtly introspective to out and out experiential in such a way that one magazine reviewer for The Marquee described it as being equally appropriate for "long drives or minor meltdowns." Born and raised in Denver, CO, Craig was always attracted to the independent spirit of his hometown. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004, he moved back home to pursue his musical aspirations. Since that time, Dan has been actively crafting his own songwriting and performing as well as contributing to other local musical projects. Craig's love of music started early. After being taught guitar by his father at a very young age, Dan began making his own music at thirteen. Over a decade later, he has taken those years of experience and a truly diverse array of influences and crafted a brand of music that fits well next to the most gentle of singer/songwriters or the most intense of rock and roll bands. Craig's lyrics reflect his love of this city and the beauty of Colorado. This passionate and hopeful imagery intermingled with his background in biology and medicine make for a lyrical voice that is totally unique. His songs have a knack for expressing the human condition scientifically without losing the emotional importance of everyday life. To date, Dan has self-released two full length records, 2005's New Every Morning and Wirebird released in December of 2006. Along with a backing band of various members and some friends from the growing local scene in Denver, Craig returned to the studio this winter to work on a new full-length album to come out in spring 2008. Both previous releases area available at cdbaby.com and on iTunes. Some love for 2006's Wirebird: "Each of the album's 12 tracks would fit perfectly beneath Zach Braff's banter in any episode of 'Scrubs'...the innocence of Craig's songwriting and the seasoned scratch of his voice form a timeless album..." Alex Samuel Marquee Magazine "Definitely though-provoking, Dan's voice has the ability to make me feel at home and glad to be listening." Eartaste.com "Craig weaves romanticism and realism in a harmonious dance in the songs...Medicine may have had a loss in Dan Craig, but one listen to Wirebird can convince even the toughest and pickiest indie music fan that what was medicine's loss is music's must-listen find." L. Anne Carrington Indie Music Stop "The thing that grabbed me was how Craig makes you want to listen...Up tempo strums and drums showcasing his vocals with just enough familiar sounds to remind you of songs you know and love without sounding like a cover band." Hero Hill reviewer "Craig sounds like Damien Rice and Cameron McGill combined, with his own uniqueness and originality making it all work and rise above the rest...Craig's voice is soothingly scratchy, comforting and worn like that old pair of shoes you wear so well...richly woven and literate; Craig's lyrics tell tales of people, portraying snapshots of life, begging for headphones." Laura Hamlett playbackstl.com "A proper singer-songwriter then with just the right amount of earnestness without being strained and sufficient balls to 'rock out' when required without losing sight of the purpose of the music." Paul Villers Americana-UK.com.


Artist: Dan Craig
Title: Wirebird
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 1/16/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101277488


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