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Character Rocks!--For Kids

Character Rocks!--For Kids

  • By Dan Duncan
  • Release 2/28/2006
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Description Character Rocks!--For Kids is a fun-filled music CD with a great variety of musical style, content, and cultural diversity that teaches moral values and builds self esteem in children. It has been used very successfully in urban, suburban, rural, and mixed cutural settings. The music is loaded with opportunities for participation whether singing, dancing, or engaging in one of the numerous stories or raps hidden within. Styles represented include Rock, Caribbean, Fifties, BeBop, Tex-Mex, Bluegrass, Marching Band, and more. Jazz trumpet, sax, steel drums, raging guitars, blazing horns, banjos, with a variety of singers, content, and exotic voices make this CD appealing to a wide audience. Every song has it's own unique style, but always with a very clear moral message. Excellent for rollicking fun with youngsters, the CD has found wide use in public, private, and home school settings. It is highly compatable with any existing character education curriculum. Great for any age up to 11 years. Track 1 features a celebration of all character traits with a soulful flair. Track 2 is a sincere rendition about "Self Discipline." Track 3 has an Elvis Flair with that early 60's echo, cool sax. Courage Track 4 has aTexMex/Carribean flavor and teaches Caring / Giving. Track 5 80's Rock with a "Carlos Santana" guitar solo: Perseverence. Track 6 Beautiful child solo with outstanding lyrics: Respect. Track 7 Build Self Esteem, hand claps / upbeat song: Responsibility. Track 8 Features a hilarious story with exotic music/beat: Manners. Track 9 Gutsy Rock with echo singing: Honesty. Track 10 Hard Driving American Rock - Raging guitar solo: Go to School. Track 11 Marching Band meets Bluegrass: Grand Ol' Flag. Track 12 Stunning female soprano performs America. Track 13 Brilliant Grammy Award style vocals: America the Beautiful. Track 14 Sentational female soprano, passionate, God Bless America. Character Rocks!--For Kids was developed by 24 year veteran music teacher Dan Duncan. He has worked with elementary children his entire career. This CD is a natural outgrowth of his love and experience with children. A consumate musician, Dan is a composer/arranger/recording engineer, and has created many works for television/radio broadcast, and industrial video. He is a trumpeter/jazz pianist/ guitarist. His trumpet can be heard on numerous CD's worldwide including all of the CD trumpet tracks for Gospel recordings "Cover the Earth," and "New Season," (Integrity Music), and also "Great Things," featuring Ken Reynolds. Dan has performed as lead trumpet for many world reknown stars such as The Temptations, Jerry Lewis, Bob Newhart, The Stars of Lawrence Welk, etc. He is committed to making a difference in children's lives through the love and joy of music.


Artist: Dan Duncan
Title: Character Rocks!--For Kids
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 2/28/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 829757656625