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Mountain Music

Mountain Music

  • By Dan Lieberman
  • Release 5/6/2008
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Mountain Music, like a river, has it's source high in the mountains at one of many places where dreams first take form and begin to flow downstream: their flow shaping the past, the future, and this present moment in a process of molding, feeding, nurturing, and inspiring. For many rivers as for Mountain Music, the source is the Olympic Mountains. The Olympic Mountains are my home and source of creativity. The Olympic Mountains are what inspire me to listen to, create, and share nature's music. Music exists in every high mountain spring, whistling marmot, and falling leaf. Just as strongly, music resonates in us all. Mountain Music mirrors the journey of a river. Both have their source in the mountains where the inclination to travel downstream is first realized. Both follow a winding and often unpredictable course, as they progress through difficult terrain. Ultimately, both have their end with great connectors of all things on this planet - a river has it's end in the ocean, and Mountain Music with you. This end is also a beginning as these songs travel to other ears and inspire new journeys. All of the 14 songs on this album have two things in common. They were all inspired by my home, the Olympic Mountains, and they were all written to be educational songs. The music and words of Mountain Music were written over the past six years that I have lived and taught on the Olympic Peninsula. These songs have been sung, adapted, personalized, and changed by many voices over many years. Students have sung them while hiking through the forests of Olympic National Park, families have sung them on annual camping trips to Lake Crescent, teachers have sung them to remind students of valuable lessons, and friends have sung them around many campfires. It was a great challenge for me to capture the snapshot of these songs that you hear on this album because to me, these songs and music are an ongoing process. The voices on these recordings are but some of the many voices that could be here. The present versions of these songs are part of an evolution that continues in time. A snapshot of a river struggles to capture the essence of change that a river embodies. As they are, these songs are missing something vital - your voice. Mountain Music is an adventure in music, an adventure that now includes you as an essential player. Together, let's do our part to learn, teach, share, sing out loud, and especially, to enjoy our home, each other and music. - Dan Lieberman.


Artist: Dan Lieberman
Title: Mountain Music
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 5/6/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 619981263726


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