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Fragile EP

Fragile EP

  • By Darcie Miner
  • Release 11/7/2006
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

I am Darcie Miner. I'm a nice and funny girl. I have green eyes. I'm short. I like to wear dresses. I like fashion in general, however i'm extremely thrifty. I am a very tough broad. I used to be shy, and people mistook it for 'bitchyness.' i'm not quite as shy anymore, so that's a plus. I'm interested in bettering your life anyway i can. I am looking at life differently than i ever have before. I am trying to love what i have, and not worry for the things i do not. I enjoy staring at art. I like a few movies, horror flicks, music films, and comedic. Smart and stupid humour, sometimes simultaneously. Violet is my favorite color. It sounds much prettier than purple. I like to fish. I love light cranberry-grape juice. I like the beach but favor the mountains. I have 2 cats and i love them dearly. I can read tarot, but it is just a card game. The only thing constant is change. I don't have a yard anymore. I will again, someday. And a wrap around the house porch. My lover's name is music and i've always had an affair with old guitars. Okay now onto business........ i was signed to a label called beyond/universal, and they folded before i could finish my record. Craptastic. I have a band sometimes and we rock. But lately it seems i have been a solo act. I have toured with edwin McCain and played tons of shows with marah, drive by truckers, patty griffin, wyclef jean (for real), richard thompson, beth hart, jeffrey gaines, rodney crowell, royston langdon (spagehog), heart, darius rucker, graham parker, tyler hilton (that's right girls) eastmountainsouth, john eddie, and so many that i am losing track in my old age. I am celebrating my 10th year in the music business! i am 23. Thanks to the people that have stayed big supporters through the last roller coasterey years. I was the first unsigned (at the time) act to appear on a show called 'advance warning' on mtv in 2003. i also lost on cbs' star search in 2003. These are all true statements. I have sung on alot of other people's recordings. Ask me and you can hear it. ^#^even some rap. She sing good. I finished some recordings with a great producer, steve ward. This record is the best one yet.


Artist: Darcie Miner
Title: Fragile EP
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 11/7/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101078863