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Feel the Rhythm

Feel the Rhythm

  • By Daria
  • Release 12/21/2004
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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News: Title track 'Feel The Rhythm' gets Honorable Mention from the Billboard World Songwriting Competition!!! Listening to Daria as she wraps her silky, sensuous voice around her latest tunes is like taking a drive on a summer day, cruising with the top down as the warm breeze blows through your hair, jazz flowing from the radio. It's a journey that celebrates the vast richness and musical diversity of Latin and world cultures. With perfect intonation, fresh interpretations and pure musicality as her trademarks, Daria carves a new path on her latest CD, 'Feel The Rhythm'. Her compelling vocals move easily between jazz, fusion, pop and world styles, seamlessly blending the sounds into a colorful, pulsating whole. 'I think this CD presents a new kind of sound in jazz,' says Daria. 'My voice is definitely stronger and I felt like taking chances and venturing into some new territory. My range has also increased so the way I approached phrasing and rhythm is different.' The result is jazz standards and pop tunes spun into something unique. Flowing through a range of Latin rhythms, each arrangement highlights the innovative talents of Daria and her producers. 'On Stevie Wonder's 'Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing,' producer and arranger Wayne Wallace gave it a Take Five influence with a cha-cha beat. I also captured a bit of Carmen McCrae and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, coming up with an interesting mix on that tune. It just turned out that way and I'm very happy with it.' Daria's three-octave range and distinctive, powerful voice are the culmination of years of study with acknowledged masters of jazz, classical and popular music. Continuing to incorporate her love of Latin styles of music and world rhythms with jazz, her latest offering showcases her impeccable voice. Her passion for the music she's chosen shines through as she fills each tune with life and energy. She builds on her solid jazz foundation and deftly breaks new ground, satisfying listeners of all persuasions. Daria also brings her songwriting talent to this CD, recording three original songs that she co-wrote with other musicians. In addition, she experiments with African, Rhumba, Samba, Fusion and Pop sounds. 'Each song on this CD has it's own special rhythm and tempo. I wanted to do something unusual with a blend of all of these diverse influences.' This fresh approach to standards creates a much more varied and interesting recording. Each song paints a different picture, leading the listener through a palette of subtle moods and images. 'With some tunes I was attracted to the melodies and others the lyrics. I wanted to have a wide range of colors to play with.' As on her previous CD, Daria has enlisted the talents of some of the world's most accomplished musicians. 'Producers and arrangers Frank Martin and Wayne Wallace are amazing and their contribution helped to fulfill my vision for this CD.' Her new offering also features Alex Acuna, Jose Neto, William Kennedy, Marc Russo and members of the Turtle Island String Quartet, to name a few. In 1998 Daria released her CD 'Just The Beginning' to high critical acclaim and national airplay. This CD featured an extraordinary lineup of musicians. Many of them had previously recorded and toured with such luminaries as Flora Purim, Carlos Santana, Sarah Vaughan and Zakir Hussain. A glowing review was featured in Jazz Improv Magazine, Vol. I, #2 (distributed worldwide). A compilation disc that accompanied the review included jazz giants Clifford Brown, Joe Henderson, and Randy Brecker and featured 'You Stepped Out of A Dream,' a track from Daria's CD. 'Just The Beginning' reached number 5 on the charts of WNOP radio in Cincinnati and Daria enjoys the notable distinction of being chosen several times as favorite artist of the week on various Internet radio programs worldwide. As Jazz Now Magazine quotes, 'It doesn't require a crystal ball to predict that you'll be hearing much more from Daria.' Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Daria grew up in a family of artists. Her father, a former classical violinist in the symphony, and her novelist mother, supported her creative endeavors. Daria's own musical journey began at the age of 6 when she started studying classical piano. As a child, her father taught her how to read symphonic scores, giving her a foundation on which to build her skills in reading music. She sang in choirs and madrigal groups while attending grade school through high school. 'I knew that I wanted to be a singer when I was a little girl,' Daria shares. 'At home I was constantly surrounded by musicians and artists and I grew up listening to all kinds of music. I fell in love with jazz when I was a teen and my parents definitely encouraged me to follow my path. When I first heard jazz I was instantly hooked. I was also drawn to popular styles of music as well as music from other cultures.' Daria's interests followed many directions: she was a member of two Bay Area Eastern European dance troupes, she earned a degree in Foreign Languages and a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from New College of California, with an emphasis on early childhood music education. Many wonderful voice teachers, including two notable vocalists Bobby McFerrin and Mark Murphy, instructed her. She also studied Brazilian music with the talented and innovative Celia Malheiros, creator of Carnival in San Francisco. Some of Daria'S influences include Sarah Vaughan, Shirley Horne, Diane Reeves, Anita O'Day, Annie Ross, Mark Murphy, Elis Regina, Dory Caymi, Djavan, Stevie Wonder, Sting and Holly Cole. Daria has performed both internationally and locally at venues such as Yoshi's Nightspot, The Plush Room, Freight and Salvage, Noe Valley Ministry, Mr. E's Spotlight on the Square and in concerts sponsored by the San Francisco Jazz Festival and Jazz in Flight. She has appeared on KGO, KPOO, KCSM, and KPFA radio and on local cable television. Daria has sung both backup and lead vocals on various recording projects and has done voice-overs for radio commercials. She also tours regularly with Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks. The internationally renowned Bread and Roses charitable organization recently presented her with a fifteen-year award of appreciation for her outstanding performance contribution. Daria teaches voice at her studios in Marin County, California, offering classes, workshops and private instruction. Daria's passion for music flows through her blood and fills her heart and soul. 'Singing's a natural high for me. It takes me to another realm.' When everything is clicking musically she feels energized and happy. 'Those are the feelings I want my audience to experience too. I want them to be moved through my music, to feel transported.' That's what Daria's voice will do to you: warmly invite you in, take you on a new journey and inspire you to embrace your passion. Be it via a sassy Latin jazz tune or a moving and poetic 'Luiza,' once you've arrived in Daria's world you will want to linger. Bring your passport and get ready for the ride. Daria's Recording credits include: Daria, 'Feel The Rhythm', Jazz 'm Up Records Daria, 'Just the Beginning,' Jazz 'm Up Records 'And a Songbird in a Pear Tree, Six Songs of Christmas,' Flying Weasel Enterprises Jazz Improv, Volume 1, Number 2, Compilation CD 'Voices for a Millennium,' The Stroud Project, DSVS Records 'If You Believe,' The Stroud Project, DSVS Records 'Center of the Rhyme,' Lisa B, Piece of Pie Records 'The Sky Could Send You', Sherri Roberts, Blue House Records.


Artist: Daria
Title: Feel the Rhythm
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 12/21/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 825346655727
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