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Love's Flight

Love's Flight

  • By Darron Moore
  • Release 10/24/2006
  • Music Genre Soul/R & B
  • Media Format CD
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Darron Moore and The 14th Floor Love's Flight Reflections Send kids to Camp! Our goal is to sponsor fifty underprivileged kids to camp this year. When you buy a CD from us, we donate a portion of the price of the CD towards you helping us to reach our goal. It is greatly appreciated. Enjoy the music. It's a great feeling to know that you ordered a Darron Moore and The 14th Floor CD. You'd buy it to get their great songs, but by the time you get to 'I Just Want To Love You', it is obvious that once again, the best songs weren't the ones being played on the radio. By the time the next song plays, you'd smile to yourself, feeling like you were now in on something that people who relied on their DJs for musical guidance just didn't get. Enjoy Love's Flight. It's Music That Gets To The Heart Of The Matter! Darron Moore and The 14th Floor is an R&B act that has emerged as the hottest act in the Motor City. Detroit is a city known for great music and entertainment. Darron Moore and The 14th Floor have a stage presence that appeal to a cross section of music lovers. The 14th Floor have created a buzz that is moving throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area. Darron Moore and his 14th Floor Band blends the sounds of Jazz, Pop, Funk, Motown, and un-adulterated Soul and gives it their own special flava. The name 14th Floor was created by the late visionary, Leroy Moore. He envisioned an R&B act that would be on the top when it came to singing and performing. While working in the Renaissance Center, in downtown Detroit, Mr. Moore notice all Fortune 500 companies leased space on the 14th floor, hence the name The 14th Floor was created to fit the talented group that he envisioned. The group consists of Detroit's favorite son, Mr. Darron Moore as the featured artist. Darron started singing at an early age with his siblings and emerged as solo performer performing at various clubs around the Metropolitan Detroit area. He created the RnB group 'The Exceptions' and 'Intuition.' Along with being a song writer, record producer, CEO of 14th Floor Music and Entertainment, Darron knows how to energize an audience. Darron entertains on The 14th Floor! The CD 'Love's Flight features Darron Moore, Danielle Moore (Stage named 'Kiahyo'-- see kiahyo.com), Dana Moore, Doug Weems, and Jeff Williams. Together they serve up the kind of music 'That Get To The Heart Of The Matter!!' Darron Moore will be producing another album for Kiahyo entitled 'Gutter Love'. Check the website 14thfloormusic.com and kiahyo.com for more detailed information. Love's Flight is a collection of emotions that captures the full range of of love. Thus the name 'Love's Flight.' This CD is what the doctor ordered. Now that you have insight into The 14th Floor, you now know why they wear the moniker, 'The Ambassadors of Pop, Funk, Soul and R&B.'


Artist: Darron Moore
Title: Love's Flight
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release Date: 10/24/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479411236


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