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Plan B

Plan B

  • By The Dart League
  • Release 10/26/2004
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

The Dart League consists of three Mc's, Travis Bickle, Stevie Blast, and Little Dee. Plan B, is the first actual release from the crew, and it is Travis' solo project. There is a new Dart League album in the works right now involving the whole squad. It's tentativly titled, 'Axis of Evil/SUPERDUTYTUFFWORK.' The League was formed in 2001, after Travis and Blast collabed on a track for one of Travis' former local releases (Music 4 Hard-Rocks). They released a CD locally, in the Beloit Wisconsin and state line area, entitled 'Put Your Quarters Up.' Stevie B has been writing rhymes for years and schooling crumbs off the top at mad after sets. Travis Bickle is the wiley old veteran. He's been witing rhymes and making basement tapes since '86. He bought samplers, a four track and what not in '90, and started making beats, not only for self, but for other local crews. Besides rhyming, making beats, Travis B used to make mix tapes for heads and did ill graf with the EMS Crew, when he resided in Milwaukee. Little Dee has been rhyming and making beats since '92. He is presently doing a bid in a federal joint in Minnesota, but hopes to be released in time to drop some L's on the new album. He also had a solo CD released locally right before his incarceration. Dee and Travis lived together in Milwaukee in '95. Dee was into tagging for a minute along with all types of crazy hijinks! So go ahead, put your quarters up and cop the album. I hope you enjoy it, if not you're probably a crab any how. Until next time, respect the four elements and ATTACK THE WACK! BELOIT REPRESENT!


Artist: The Dart League
Title: Plan B
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 10/26/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 825346553320