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Trouble & Debris

Trouble & Debris

  • By Dave Carducci
  • Release 8/7/2007
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Sometimes inspiration and motivation are born of the greatest of tragedies. Such an incident occurred while Los Angeles singer/songwriter Dave Carducci was writing and recording his self-released debut album, Trouble and Debris. Carducci's older brother, an up-and-coming opera singer, was killed in a private plane crash in Indiana following a rehearsal. The accident profoundly influenced Carducci and quickly seeped into everything he did as an artist. 'When something like that happens it really makes you take a step back and think,' he says quietly. 'None of us truly know how long we have here and you damn well better make the most of the time you've got.' Infused with a new sense of urgency and purpose, Carducci quickly penned two new songs for inclusion on the nearly completed album, the melancholy 'Fire and Brimstone' and the hopeful 'Trouble and Debris' which would become the album's namesake. ''Fire and Brimstone' was the first song I wrote after my brother died,' he explains. 'Everything I was feeling at the time - sadness, desperation, anger, abandonment - it all came pouring out. The song took as long to write as it takes to play. It was one of those moments that every songwriter hopes for.' In contrast, 'Trouble and Debris' is a pensive yet resolute song of hope and determination. In homage to his brother, the track features a 12 member 4-part men's chorus all sung by Carducci. Songs such as these and the yet unreleased 'Cold Cotton Cage' and 'Forever Changed' balance pointed songwriting with passionate performances. Carducci has spent several years honing his tunes while busking on the promenade in Santa Monica, CA for the hordes of tourists. Once while plying his craft, he had the good fortune to be approached by Loudon Wainwright III. The two ended up jamming together for a documentary that Loudon was shooting, performing Carducci's song "Miles Away" and "When I'm At Your House" from Wainwright's 1992 album History. In addition to performing as a solo artist, Carducci has also begun writing and performing as a duo with L.A. singer/songwriter, Julie Neumark. After receiving notoriety as one of Music Connection Magazine's Top Unsigned Artists, Neumark has recently penned a deal with acclaimed independent label Hyena Records to release her debut full-length Dimestore Halo in Europe. Both originally from the Midwest -- Carducci from Detroit, Neumark from Cincinnati -- the two have been touring the region in an attempt to organically grow their following and are currently working on an album together. However, this new exploit will not take away from Carducci's work as a solo artist. In fact, he is currently recording an EP with engineer Nels Jensen (Sigur Ros, Flight of the Conchords) and continues to perform solo shows. 'Recording and performing music has been very therapeutic for me,' he confesses. 'And if my songs are able to help or inspire someone else, well, that's all I can really ask for.'


Artist: Dave Carducci
Title: Trouble & Debris
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 8/7/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 751937306627