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Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide

  • By David Kowal
  • Release 7/25/2006
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Ten songs of passion, joy and concern told through the language of rock, jazz and r&b. I wrote So Goes America and created the video in response to the lack of respect so evident during hurricane Katrina. SO GOES AMERICA © 2006 David A. Kowal When you show no respect You're gonna' reap what you sow So goes America Where everything is fine Marching all in time Singing the same line Just give me mine I also believe we have more in common than we sometimes realize. That's why I wrote COMPLETE. COMPLETE © 2006 David A. Kowal Live you life like you wanna' be Saved by Jesus Live your life like you wanna' be Wrapped in Yahweh's arms Live your life like you wanna' be Caught in the sight of Allah Live your life like you wanna' be Dead to those that hate We all bleed We all need We all want to be complete That's the way you're born Complete You are Complete You're born complete David Kowal is a singer/songwriter and composer based in Los Angeles. His voice has been described as a cross between Joe Cocker and Ray Charles. From love songs like I HATE YOU and YOU WERE RIGHT to songs of social concern like SO GOES AMERICA and DECIDING THE FATE OF THE WORLD, this new CD is filled with music performed with David's unique passion. This 10 song CD features a Mason and Hamlin Pump Organ, acoustic guitar, hand drum, piano, bass, Hammond organ and vintage Moog. Guest artists include Phil Hanson, drums on "Everlasting Kiss" and "I Can Live Again" and Brian Green, guitar on Everlasting Kiss.


Artist: David Kowal
Title: Nothing to Hide
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/25/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479306594


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