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By the Carolina Moon

By the Carolina Moon

  • By David Lambert
  • Release 1/20/2009
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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David Lambert is one of the little known, best kept secrets of the upstate of South Carolina. A relative newcomer of the singer/songwriter scene, David is still a long time veteran of the acoustic guitar and it's craft, possessing a unique playing style of his own. As a songwriter, "...David writes from the heart and gut of life, telling the story without a sugar coat, and, would rather re-write the song 15 times to get it right than just crank out quantity..." Born in the small upstate Spartanburg town of Pacolet, South Carolina, the son of a high school principal and coach, and, a secretary for both the local rock quarry and the church. His eldest of two sisters got a cheap acoustic guitar for Christmas one year and all it did was make him want to learn to play that "thing" as he called it at about age 4 or 5. David always had plenty of music around him while growing up in what started out as a two room house built by his great grandfather, "Captain Turner," the real Railroad Man, section boss for the then Southern Railroad, in one of his songs. His fiddle is still around and in good hands but he is trying to get it in HIS hands for safe keeping. David was surrounded by music every day, in all forms; folk songs, hymns, country, early rock and roll. Started playing music in the 5th grade by learning the coronet, then later the trumpet, playing with the marching and concert bands of two different high schools. He finally got a cheap electric guitar of his own at age 13. He had to string it up backwards since he has to play left handed. David found an old Mel Bay guitar instruction book and started teaching himself to play, bass-ackwards as it were. One of his fondest memories was to go help out on his sister and brother in law's dairy farm in Pauline during the summers. The real good part of this was being able to listen to the original Marshall Tucker Band practicing way off in the distance while he helped gathered up bales of hay during summer afternoons. David also worked a little while in a cotton mill when in the sophomore and junior years of high school on what was called the mini-shift. That time in the mill will always be a fond memory. The stories the other workers would tell him has burned deep and he will draw from them from time to time when he writes. One by one, they have more or less all been closed since then. A good many of them are still standing, but long since silent. They stand cold and still like a reminder of some broken promise waiting to be honored. Some were torn down and others fell prey to arson but their memories remain. So yeah - he has earned the title, 'Lint-Head,' and is proud of it... David finally bought a good Washburn acoustic that he still plays a good bit for song writing. It's all amped-up now and has one incredible sound that only gets better with time. David got a few chances to play in a semi-formal music groups during his Army years as part of the chapel services and other off-the-cuff 'jam' sessions. Twenty years later, I guess you can say time changes all; he retired from the Army as Colonel, divorced, re-married and finally got back into music listening and playing country and a little Southern rock. Throughout separation and divorce, music became a way to handle the dark and lonely times. A family tradition started by his great grandfather was going to come back full circle one more time. He met and married a wonderful lady from a local little town called Union, just like Railroad Man did with the 'local doctor's daughter...' David finally started to play more and more again and knock off the years of rust from the fingers, bought another guitar or two, couple of amps and started doing a little song writing. When asked, David replies, " I try to write from the heart and soul of life and it's experiences, both good and bad, that forge one's character. I'll spend a little extra time on it to get it 'right,' rather than to just say it's 'good enough." He wants the listener to hear the message, or story, and let it burn in re al deep... The drive and beat of songs like, Cherokee Line send the 'beat' down in your mind. By part design and part accident, you can amost hear and feel the ancient Cherokee drums. Being at least 1/8th Cherokee, David hopes his distant ancestors are proud. He says he credits his wife for stoking the coals a bit in the music area since she is a die-hard music lover to say the least. The lady who basically does not take 'no' for an answer, more or less drug him to Charlotte one night to hear Chris Knight perform. After hearing Chris do one of his solo acoustic shows, you may as well have thrown gas on the fire as far as music singing/songwriting goes. David started writing and producing some of his own material after that. "It kinda hit me that this is what I am supposed to be doing.." he says. His debut CD is released with the title track, By The Carolina Moon. David has got enough life experiences and observations down in the South Carolina, red clay Piedmont area to smoke a pencil lead or two...


Artist: David Lambert
Title: By the Carolina Moon
Genre: Country
Release Date: 1/20/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 644167068529