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S.S. Bathtub: Songs for Kids and Their Grownups

S.S. Bathtub: Songs for Kids and Their Grownups

  • By David LaMotte
  • Release 3/22/2001
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Awards: â?¢ 2002 USA Songwriting Competition - First Place in Children's Category for the song S.S. Bathtub â?¢ 2001 Northern California Song Contest - First Place in Children's Category for the song Drops Like Me â?¢ 2000 SAW Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, First Place in Children's Category and First Place overall for the song S.S. Bathtub â?¢ 1999 Parents Guide to Children's Media Award for the entire recording 'A truly delightful mix of songs... Sail with LaMotte on his S.S. Bathtub. It's one of those tapes that you'll be happy your kids want to hear over and over.' - Parent's Guide to Children's Media 'S.S. Bathtub is of course a delight. While LaMotte has himself written less than half the album's dozen songs, he infuses them with the same casual cheerfulness that has become his trademark.' - James Cassara, Rapid River Magazine, NC Arvid Smith of Florida's Folio Magazine called S.S. Bathtub 'David LaMotte having the time of his life in the studio under the guise of making a children's record.' That's about right. The concept was to make a recording of songs that would be as enjoyable for adults as for children. Most of the covers were originally written for adult audiences, but David and Chris Rosser, who co-produced it, decided these songs would work pretty well for both audiences. There are only a few original songs on this record, the rest are songs that David grew up on or were included because they seemed just right for this collection. The production style isn't as bouncy as many kids' records, due to the belief that kids have better taste in music than we give them credit for. LaMotte's only kids' CD, it is the winner of a 2002 First Place Award in the USA Songwriting Competition, as well as First Place in the Children's Category and First Place overall (across all genres) in the Songwriters Association of Washington's 2000 song contest for the title track, S.S. Bathtub. In 2001 the song Drops Like Me won the children's category in the Northern California Song Contest. In 1999 the album was honored with a coveted Parents' Guide to Children's Media Award. LaMotte has recorded six albums for adults, and has performed over fifteen hundred shows in forty-two states and ten countries. The idea of recording a children's project began as a whim, but the record moved of it's own momentum to gain critical acclaim. He now performs occasional children's shows, but continues to perform mostly for adult audiences. The artwork on the record was created by John Gallagher, creator of Buzzboy comic books. John and David met when John married a college friend of David's, and he has become a good friend as well. The original version of the cover had a little boy and girl in the bathtub instead of David, but it was decided that putting a long-haired Dave in a tie-dye would be more fun, and throw just enough funk in to keep it from looking like there would be any purple dinosaurs making guest appearances on the record. There are, however, some pretty stellar guests, including John McCutcheon, Christine Kane, Chris Rosser, Beth Wood and Laura Boosinger. David is now working with Virginia illustrator Carrie Patterson on a children's book based on the lyric to the song S.S. Bathtub.


Artist: David LaMotte
Title: S.S. Bathtub: Songs for Kids and Their Grownups
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 3/22/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 703034190227