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Hello Ugly Hello Friend

Hello Ugly Hello Friend

  • By Lydon David
  • Release 1/8/2008
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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'A total array of musical instruments greet you in the opening song "Reserve" and I wonder has David been too adventurous. But as I listen, I instantly like his sound and his voice is recognizable yet unique to him. I'm extremely impressed at the quality. It is a credit to local music that such an album can be written and produced right here in Galway. The album is an interesting mix of acoustic, electric and soft strings. At times his voice holds a resemblance to Radiohead, especially in "I Won't Move On". There is definitely an element of sadness in his songs which is beautifully carried over in his vocals, though thankfully not to a stage of depression. Though he does makes his anger felt in track 9. And consider his ode to alcohol, sung as though to a lover. A fantastic means of communicating the pain of addiction in his warm unintimidating way. Hello Ugly Hello Friend is definitely a success. A heart felt collection of songs which will appeal to the romantic in us all.' --Galway Xposed 'Many acts will have been content with having found a particular sound and sticking with that throughout the recording process. However Lydon goes for a different vocal style as the tracks progress. 'Just Found Out' has a distinctive chorus hook and the minimised instrumentation around it really brings the vocals to the fore. 'Hello Ugly' has shades of Johnny Cash but wisely doesn't borrow too much from The Man In Black. It would be easy to classify the easy-listening elements of Lydon's songs with that of Coldplay or Snow Patrol. However, to my ears it seems his influences belong more to the Joy Division, Lloyd Cole, Mercury Rev, etc.' --Galway Advertiser.


Artist: Lydon David
Title: Hello Ugly Hello Friend
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 1/8/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 859700116135


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