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Tune Up Turn on Stretch Out

Tune Up Turn on Stretch Out

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Tune up Turn on Stretch out, is a return to a more guitar centred sound for my group. Yes it's a case of me me me! Well with fantastic playing from Alison on double bass, Buster on drums and some original vocals from Sarah. Style wise we infuse jazz with the eclectic influences of the rock and dance scene but keeps melody and improvisation at the heart of the music. 70's fusion and funk grooves, pop covers and straight ahead jazz with spoken word and vocals. I also wanted to explore what piano trios have done for a long time but being a guitarist there is as much 'Cream' as Ejsborn Svenson. 'If there is a more complete guitarist in contemporary music than Deirdre Cartwright I'd like to know who it is.' Dave Gelly The Observer 'Cartwright's coolly undulating Grant Green shuffle groove is one of the understated pleasures of UK's contemporary fusion' John Fordham, JazzUK 'Her sinewy guitar fronts a sparse trio - with beatnik spoken-word injections from Sarah P - who stretch out like a psychedelic 1960s blues band, but take the blind leaps of faith of improvisers. Highlights are the Nirvana grunge-fusion Smells Like Jazz and a sublime exploration of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights.' Stewart Lee, The Sunday Times "Cartwright is deservedly celebrated for her unfussy eclecticism (she is as adept at the funky shuffle somewhat reminiscent of Grant Green as harder-edged, multi-textured playing, and her compositions draw on everything from 1970s fusion to grunge music and the straightahead jazz of the likes of George Benson and Wes Montgomery), but it is the unpretentious zestfulness of her approach, her clear enjoyment of the sheer variety of sounds her guitar can be made to produce, that is so infectious and which makes her playing so listenable" Chris Parker's live review for the Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston, London.


Artist: Deirdre Cartwright
Title: Tune Up Turn on Stretch Out
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 8/26/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 8015948090091


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