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I Can't Be Serious

I Can't Be Serious

(Duplicated CD)
  • By Dendee
  • Release 2/20/2009
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

I CAN'T BE SERIOUS Total Comedy A review Artists sometimes spend many years finding their own identity, and as far as that goes, Dendee has certainly arrived. A professional music reviewer once said, "I thought I was listening to a regular song and then I noticed the hilarious lyrics. Dendee is truly a man with a niche! He is an excellent songwriter and unique comedian delivering humor with good music. It's quite an achievement being labeled as different in show business nowadays. This album contains some of his most popular humorous songs, and includes some remixes, and updated versions of previously released songs. We need to laugh Physicians describe laughter as one of life's wonderful free health-giving pleasures. This CD has a formula that only a good doctor could have prescribed. Dendee is a man that does not take himself too seriously, thus the album title. This is not just a compilation album, it's also a good representation of what you will hear at a live performance. What's new? Track 1. I'm a Limey Redneck was first recorded in 1996 and proved to be an extremely popular song over the years. The original version is on album one, I'm a Limey Redneck in Chicago. This CD has a brand new recording of the song with two new added verses. Track 2. My New Shoes is a song that tells the story of a guy who goes into a store to buy a pair of shoes and instantly falls in love with the sales girl. The shoes don't fit, but he puts up with the pain of the ill fitting shoes to win a date with her. It has been re-mixed and a slightly different vocal added to give it a more story-like feel. Track 4. Big Boys Don't Cry is perhaps the ultimate example of a Dendee song that sounds almost like a love ballad until you notice the crazy lyrics. This is a remixed version, we think you love it! The original version is on Lost in Aust in Track 7. Would You Hold My Chalupa is a play on Mexican food names. It shows that, given the right treatment, it's possible to make anything sound naughty. Two versions of this song were recorded in different keys. Version one is on album three, Lost In Aust In. This CD has version 2 which we think is even better. Track 12. Monty Show Us Your Python is a play on the Monty Python title. Other than that, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Monty Python.... other than it's crazy. The song is about different girls looking at Monty's python and giving their opinion on it. This is a different mix to the one on album 3. To Sum Up If you love Dendee comedy, this is the album for you. It was produced with live shows in mind, allowing fans to purchase a fun memory of the event. It is truly a great CD that will stand as a platform for future albums. Important note. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the folks at cdbaby have reduced the length of their sound clips. If you would like to hear a longer sound clip of each song please visit the official Dendee website by clicking the link below. If you decide to purchase a CD which we certainly hope you do. Just click the buy button next to the album of your choice and it will take you straight back to the cdbaby shopping cart. Www.dendeemusic.com.


Artist: Dendee
Title: I Can't Be Serious
Genre: Rock
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 2/20/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884502029925


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