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Dirty Gospel According to

Dirty Gospel According to

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THE DIVINE BROWN 'The Dirty Gospel According To The Divine Brown' Album to be released Election Day, 2004 thru WRECKED 'EM WRECKORDS (WRECKED 009) The Divine Brown are a snarling Rock n Roll tag team, a sleek smart crew who plan an adrenalised rush of powerful guitar noise with no apologies. They hit the stage and it sounds awesome. Stomping anthems, big fat hooks, a bike chain wielding mob swagger and confidence that can take any room. They hook up the timeless cool of a sharp fifties street gang and turn it up loud, mixing it with insurrectionary soul power and enormous rip snorting guitar irresistibility. They capture the raw rush of primetime punk rock and effortlessly hotwire it up to the complete history of Rock n Roll, fanning those furious flames one more time in pursuit of that perfect Rock n Roll moment, that ultimate sonic high. Based in London, UK, since 2001, they have kicked up a riot with shows alongside the likes of The Hives, The Datsuns, and the Immortal Lee County Killers. Now they mean serious business and are ready for the international breakout. Looking like a bunch of ex-cons, spitting glass and holding the Rock n Roll grenade. A fully formed and finely tuned Rock n Roll street machine with it's guitars and guns blazing. Come and hang with the gang with a fistful of napalm. Come, be healed by the Power, the Glory, The Divine Brown. Press Quotes: Muscular, punching rock n roll. Fearsomely fierce delivery...Unsubtle, unpolished, irresistible ramalama... Party music too charismatic too deny. Not clever but pretty f***in' big. Kerrang Magazine The Divine Brown wipe the floor with every other garage punk band around...If they came from Detroit and not London, The NME would be queuing up to have their brains sucked out. What's On In London When The Dictators wrote 'Who Will Save Rock n Roll' they'd have been less worried if there were more bands like The Divine Brown. Rock Sound Magazine The Divine Brown know how to write a 3 minute punk anthem. A cool and vibrant band. Uncut Magazine The apostles of super soul, the prophets of glitter punk, the crazy messiahs of deep-fried, bone rattling rock n roll... The revolution-speak from the MC5, the drug soaked adrenaline from the Pistols, the sex and the power from Guns n Roses and the impeccable dress sense from James Brown. Sleazegrinder.com Cheetah Chrome muthaf***ers...A 73 Dodge Charger with a hooker on the back seat...Think fast cars, think loud amps, think MC5. Brothers and sisters this is mean downright evil rock n fuggin roll. Organ Magazine Energy that can only be achieved by a combination of 24 hour Cocaine, Sunny Delight and Red Bull binges and the desire to push the human body to the breaking point. Designer Magazine A firestorm of guitars and rock n roll testifying...Righteous rockers...one of the few UK bands with the attitude to face up to the US, Australian/Kiwi and Swedish titans right now...mad levels of energy and adrenalised vocals. Soundsxp.com BROTHERS AND SISTERS, THOU ART TRULY MOTHERF***IN' BLESSED!


Artist: The Divine Brown
Title: Dirty Gospel According to
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2/15/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 656605976822


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