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Blue Light

Blue Light

  • By Dreamaiden
  • Release 5/15/2007
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

About Dreamaiden: Everyone has a dream but it is the most fortunate of us who actually manifest the dream in our lifetime. Perhaps we live our truest life when we live our dreams because they are simply reflections of our inner most world. Dreamaiden is about manifesting the dream. A blending of psychology, metaphysics, artistry and technology, Dreamaiden incorporates the magic of believing in the human spirit. Music with a message, the goal of Dreamaiden is to inspire, entertain, and just for a moment, touch the listener's soul. About the Artist, Susan Baird: Susan was born into a creative family; her father a musician and her mother an artist. She excelled in flute performance in school and received a degree in electronic music composition. She is a professional artist and musician with more than a passing interest in metaphysical psychology. 'Blue Light' is her debut CD and with such an amazing reception, promises to be only the first of many to come. Comments about the 'Blue Light' CD from listeners: 'Exquisite, melodic, lush electronic music. If you like Tangerine Dream and Enigma, you'll like the music from the debut CD by Dreamaiden.' 'In an electronic style, this synth-based CD by an exciting new artist has an organic, fresh sound.' 'My copy arrived today and it is playing now. It has precisely the gently beauty one would expect of her and the production is highly professional. It's a beautiful work in an ambient vibe that is soothing without being boring. The CD as a whole was professionally mastered so the flow from one tune to another is flawless. Every aspect of this CD was expertly done and the result is a really beautiful piece of work.' Comments about a few of the pieces on the 'Blue Light' CD from listeners: 'Blue Light' - 'Ok, I burned this to CD and have it playing in my office...wow! Your songs are not only a treat, but they are so greatly anticipated. It's like waiting for a must-see movie. This piece eludes to a sense of the approaching of Nirvana. It's really spectacular.' 'Spell' - 'There is no doubt in my mind this is your finest work ever. Pure electronica at it's best. It has everything I love about electronic music; space, mood, feel, and sounds. Every sound seems like it has been thought about deeply, and every note does something. The subtle percussion work is spot on and so complimentary to the soundscape. We waited a long time for something new from you, and I don't care if I have to wait another two years for your next if it slaps me in the face like this one has. Congratulations and thank you for the many listens.' 'Indra' - This piece goes into my all time favorite collections. I love the Enigma-style beats, lush pads, fem-vocals, light flute.'


Artist: Dreamaiden
Title: Blue Light
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 5/15/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700261213903


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