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Are You?

Are You?

  • By Dreamindean
  • Release 9/10/2002
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Dean McComb was born in November of 1953 in Southern California. It was the post war baby-boom era, with the onslaught of tupperware, kool-aide, aluminum jello molds and TV shows about the 'so called functional family'. Who could have guessed that the next 20 years would take us through the most radical and exponential evolution of Pop, Folk and Rock and Roll the world would ever know? Yet all the history is there! Dean's first memories, (about age 4), include songs like 'Splish-Splash' and the 'One Eyed One Hored Flying Purple People Eater'. Do you remember those old Ricky Nelson and Everly Bros. 45s that were so thick you could only break them with a hammer? Do you remember that little record player with the cast-iron tone arm, and the cast-iron turntable that was lined with felt? Do you remember sniffing the electronics as those vacuum tubes started to glow as they warmed up? Are you a baby-boomer? It was time for pop music to evolve--you know, those crafty little two to three and a half minute diddies with verses, choruses and bridges that were so carefully and cleverly combined and interwoven. If you recall the era, you'll remember how happy those songs made you feel. Well, Dean's writing style is no exception. Being doctored with feeling and sensitivity, his songs are reminiscent of the pop and folk era during the sixties and seventies. As a self taught guitarist learning from tablature, he began playing in 1975, and began 'penning' his first tunes in 1977---listen and enjoy.


Artist: Dreamindean
Title: Are You?
Genre: Country
Release Date: 9/10/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 656613667422


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