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Road to Wonderland

Road to Wonderland

  • By Dwain Martin
  • Release 8/12/2008
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Map and Destinations.... "This is my second CD titled: "Road To Wonderland". You are welcome to join me and all of the musicians who worked and collaborated with me on this project. This is a studio venture of 11 songs and 2 "live" songs. I've been a lyricist/song writer for over 20 years. These songs are the most recent additions to my long list of folk and folk rock melodies. Joining me are some of the most talented musicians in northern Michigan, including Amy Cook (bass/vocals and above all, the one who helped keep each beat of the project honest and on track), Matt Mansfield (guitar...wow...), Mike Carey (guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, and vocals...the busiest string guy on stage and in the studio) Alexis Dawdy (violin...the music on the streets of Charlevoix), Phyllis Jansma (cello...the honor is all mine), Chandra (vocals...the voice of angels), Dave Schwartz (drums...thanks for all the time you've given me at Shorts), Jim Clark (drums...thanks for supporting my move to the new studio), Cheryl Carey (percussion counsel/project support...thanks) and last, but not least, Dave Runyan, (guitar, piano, leads...wow and holy cow...this guy knows my songs whether he likes them or not...perhaps even better than me!). Dave Runyan also engineered, helped arrange and produced the project. This CD goes out with great thanks and appreciation of his efforts, patience, commitment and acting as my studio therapist when I hit an off ramp in a skid or made a crazy turn on this "road to wonderland". And more thanks to all the efforts of all those noted above who worked hard and with abandon to help me complete this effort. I am forever in your debt. One other special notes of thank you: Christina, for your enduring and unlimited patience as I worked for over a year on this project, in the studio, practicing and on stage. Also for the tolerance of the virtually thousands of days I've spent howling at the moon about my lyrics and songs...whether the moon was out or not and whether you were trying to work, sleep and just get a moment of slience...namaste', Christina, you're the "ground to all" I say and do. To everyone, fly high and far toward your most treasured dreams and stop only when you reach them and not a moment before. That, my friends, is the "Road To Wonderland".


Artist: Dwain Martin
Title: Road to Wonderland
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 8/12/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501016582


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