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Bluebonnet Blues

Bluebonnet Blues

  • By Egbert Meyers
  • Release 4/3/2007
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

CD Linernotes by Ron Lyons: You will listen to this in just about an hour, or maybe like me, there will be songs that will grab you and won't let go. You can't really sum up a man's life on a CD but this comes pretty close. There is Birth, Life, & Death here. Egbert Meyers has carried these in his heart for a long time. He has done things with his life that have taken him many places; from Wounded Knee, where Native Americans still cry when the wind is still, to the Cactus Cafe in Austin with Fred Eaglesmith, and to other parts of Europe where the music is loved for what it is. On a Saturday afternoon in Austin, Texas in June of 2004, Egbert sang "The Last To Stand" and his were not the only tears. The beginning of that journey was in 1972 when he first heard Mickey Newbury. Yes, this is partly a tribute to Mickey but all these songs are uniquely his, laying in his soul only waiting for the light from his heart and fingers. Oh, I almost forgot. Egbert is Dutch. When you hear "Front Porch Friends", the journey he took to America inspired him to perform again in English. He has also sung in his own native language of Drents and has produced 3 CD's and appeared many places in Holland, Belgium, and Germany. He also founded the bluegrass and old time, "The Big Bear Festival", and played with artists such as Steve Young, Jerry Douglas, Mark O'Connor, Peter Rowan, and Byron Berline. There are no oceans and no continents here. These are songs that if they don't break your heart, they will open it. He wrote and arranged every one. Elsewhere is written why he wrote them. There are very few who can FEEL what they go through and not only put it in a song but also have you FEEL it. Much of the accompianment is international as individual brilliance flew through the air from small studios at various places on the planet. Many of these people have never met proving once and forever that music is indeed the universal language. The title cut is "Bluebonnet Blues" and you are actually there as Egbert sings and writes of the favorite flower of the man he never met but dearly loved. There are songs of love but these are mostly songs of the human condition. You should know that all of these people come together out of a deep commitment and ability to move us all. It will be your privilage and pleasure to ear: "Bluebonnet Blues" by Egbert Meyers.


Artist: Egbert Meyers
Title: Bluebonnet Blues
Genre: Country
Release Date: 4/3/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 8713604120075


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