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Adult Guntemperhairy Musesick 4 Da Streets

Adult Guntemperhairy Musesick 4 Da Streets

  • By El David
  • Release 12/12/2006
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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El David is a Hip Hop artist,Visual Artist, Producer, Spoken Word Artist, Activist, Poet, Writer, and Public Speaker. In the late 70's he began using rap and poetry as a way to express himself. In the 80's he joined the Zulu Nation and began recording demos with a group he founded called, T.D.F., at which time many record companies began courting him. In the early 90's he signed with RCA/BMG. The deal fell through as the commercial direction RCA wanted to take did not agree with El David and his Hard Core rap direction. At the same time El David studied metaphysics and produced a New Age CD entitled 'Rebirth', with world-renowned new age author Bob Mandel. El David produced, played, recorded and laid down vocals for this project, which was sold throughout the world. During the early 90's El was inspired by the words of Chuck D of Public Enemy and became socially conscious by creating works that would echo the cry of the oppressed. El David recorded Various Hip Hop CD's independently. He put out a compilation CD called Brown Force to raise money for urban street organization leaders who were sentenced for no real crime but being leaders of a street organization which they deemed as 'organized crime'. By 2005 he had independently recorded 6 Rap CD's. El David presented his revolutionary and socially conscious lyrics by releasing 'SEDITION'. He has performed his first Spoken Word one man show 'America's Brainchild' in NY and NJ and his newest release a Revolutonary & Progressive / Hip Hop Album called 'ADULT GUNTEMPERHAIRY MUSESICK 4 DA STREETS', which is collection of hip hop tracks accompanied by lyrics that are filled with progressive and revolutionary messages. 25% of all profit is being donated to two Puerto Rican Political Prisoners, Carlos Alberto Torres, and Oscar Lopez Rivera. From the projects to the music business to gang life, to metaphysics, to Grass Roots Leadership and social activism, El has led an extremely colorful life. His performances, whether Poetic, Spoken Word, Painting or Musical, leaves the audience in a deep state of thought and sometimes shock. El David is America's Brainchild.


Artist: El David
Title: Adult Guntemperhairy Musesick 4 Da Streets
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 12/12/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 643157384779


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