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Here Lies Tinkerbell

Here Lies Tinkerbell

  • By Emiko
  • Release 2/11/2003
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Indulging a rare breed of rock n'roll of the biggest kind, Emiko is a sensitive and introspective songwriter. Notwithstanding, this girl lives up to the rock legends as a trailblazer who sings, plays keys, takes her own solos, and is unafraid to say what others only dare to think. Having played piano since she was two and half, Emiko has transformed from classical pianist prodigy to rock and roll starlet. Her latest release, "Here Lies Tinkerbell" (OA Entertainment) features both mature, musical expertise along with an adventurous, rock esthetic through wails on the B3 organ, funky licks on the clav, Wurly solos, and melodic whirls that Beethoven would drool over . Emiko's intense, bold lyrics investigate and lament over love, heartbreak, frustration and fear in ways that make her listeners not only move and groove to the music, but also react and relate on a much deeper emotional level. After signing on as an artist for the AAHP (Artist Against Hunger & Poverty) campaign for World Hunger Year, founded by the late Harry Chapin, Emiko hit the road January 2006 in Canada to return home from Europe in May. As part of AAHP, Emiko is the only unsigned artist touring on an international level under the same banner with such superstars as Bruce Springsteen, Michael McDonald, Aerosmith, etc. Look out because legendary guitarist Steve Lukather has agreed to play on her next album to be released this summer (produced by Stuart Ridgway and "maybe" Executive Produced by Phil Ramone). When Emiko is not on tour and finalizing preparations for her new album, she directs the Asian American Music Industry Association. AAMIA, founded by the starlet herself in 2005, is an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between Asia and the Western World in today's popular music industry. --Emiko: (according to MTV) - ' incredible live!!!! She totally sucks you in!' --Emiko: (according to CDbaby.com) - 'A wild, interactive, and honest experience. Hyper and in-your-face as much as she is understated and haunting, Emiko's sound is big enough to fill an arena even when she is just whispering in your ear.'


Artist: Emiko
Title: Here Lies Tinkerbell
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2/11/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 656613268025


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