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  • By Epic
  • Release 7/18/2006
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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There comes a time in every walk of life where things come full circle. Music, fashion, and progressive attitude are historical examples of what are included in this concept of reality. The band EPIC is exactly that, a musical concept of reality. In an electronical world of gadgets and devices that mask the talents of an artists complexity, EPIC is the true heart & soul of artistry, surpassing the usual or ordinary. Four musicians playing their instruments with no samples or backing tracks, creating music that is truly the passion of they're endeavor. They're self-produced album entitled METAPHOR consists of hard driving grooves with melodic vocals that keeps you attentive throughout the CD with emphasis on dynamics and melody. Guitarist Tracy G & bassist Larry Bones Dennison are no strangers to hard driving grooves having backed legendary singer Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, DIO) for 2 albums & 3 world tours in the US & in Europe. After 3 years of touring, Tracy & Bones both broke off from the road and decided to put together a project of massive appeal. Tracy G is the most original guitarist of the 21st century with his signature sound and diverse style, right from the gut guitar solos that ferociously stimulate the mind, body & soul. Placed atop the hard driving grooves that bassist Larry Bones Dennison supplies, the music melds to the ear. They turned to singer/frontman Brad Alden. Brad, with his melodic & explosive vocals was sure to be perfect for this project in every way. His passion driven approach to lyrics add the sense of personal trials and tribulations that give EPIC an aggressive organic sound that differentiates them from what's out there today. Brad was able to supply the right ingredient in the music, make the music breath and come alive, and thus the band EPIC was in full throttle. Forrest Robinson came into the scene after touring with India. Arie and joined the group to make it complete. As an established musician he was ready to take on anything that came his way. His signature style of drumming was the final piece of the puzzle and EPIC now was fully armored. After a few rehearsals and recordings, EPIC put together a demo package that is ready for full review. Originally a 3-song demo was to take place but the music just kept on flowing. EPIC is now introducing a 13 song full album that is sure to blow your mind with diversity and soul. This will be the next CD in your collection that you will listen to over & over again. Put it on, sit back, and hold on!! Finally some KICK-ASS music just to indulge yourself in. Rock On..PEACE! Tracy G & Larry "Bones" Dennison have toured/recorded together in the past with legendary singer Ronnie James DIO, Driven, & Goaded. Brad Alden and Bones have known each other for several years thru friendly bands in LA., and did a brief demo together with Tony MacAlpine in the late 90's. Brad ended up moving to NY for a few years at the end of that project. Mid 2005 Tracy G and Bones were playing a gig at the house of blues with their band "Goaded". Brad Alden went to see them play at the House of Blues while in Los Angeles looking to relocate from New York back to LA. They all had a chat after the gig to catch up and didn't think any further and had no plans of a band or project actually... By fall of 2005 Brad moved back to Southern California. When he ran into Bones again he was asked if he would mind writing lyrics and singing on a few songs he and Tracy G had been working on "just for fun". These 3 songs were what became "Reach For The Sky", "My Own Garden", & "The Same Line". All three of them were pleased with the outcome and excited to do more together. This was the most organic, natural, low stress, creative unit any of them had been involved in. They decided to call the group "EPIC". The next 2 months rolling into 2006 generated over 15 more songs. Most of them ended up on their first album titled "metaphor". Metaphor was chosen as a title because singer Brad Alden seems to naturally write in metaphors in many cases and enjoys lyrics that can allow the imagination of the listener to create a wide variety of interpretations of the song meaning - related to their own life perhaps. Forrest Robinson ran into Bones when the group was in initial writing stages. Bones played Forrest a few tracks and he was immediately interested in the direction of the music. Forrest was invited down to rehearse and it felt just as natural with his presence as well. The band was formed. They have worked over the last few months to record/mix/master what has now been titled "Metaphor". We hope you enjoy the band "EPIC" and the collection of songs on "Metaphor". Here's another review of 'Metaphor' that will be in the next issue of All Access Magazine: 'METAPHOR the rock solid debut release from the band whose sound is as big as their name, EPIC. Channels the spirits of classic rock and infusing it with modern day flavor. A hybrid sound that will have your undivided attention from the moment you hit play. I am telling you, this album will nail your ass to floor! EPIC is powered by the powerful vocal stylings of BRAD ALDEN, then there is TRACY G., of WW III & DIO fame on guitars, who puts on display his guitar prowess by showing a complete different side of his six string repetoire. I've been a fan of Tracy's playing and what he has done with his latest project blew me away! Then you Tracy's bandmate from DIO, LARRY 'BONES' DENNISON on bass and FORREST ROBINSON on drums giving the band a rock solid foundation. 'Metaphor' attacks the senses on different levels making sure that your listening experience is unexpected and it has your undivided attention. This album also has a great diversity of moods, which is something that really spices it up. 'Transitions', kicks things off by drawing you in with it's hypnotic groove. Then you have tracks likes, 'Strange Blessings' and canidate for lead off single, 'What Matters' that show how tight a unit Epic truly is. All in all, 'Metaphor' is an unadulterated blast of an album that reminds the 'ROCKER' within why you fell in love with rock in the first place. A record to not be missed. If you like Led Zeppelin and/or Soundgarden, I am thinking you'd be glad if you got a hold of this. IT HAS BEGUN!!! Rock N Roll is about to get a SERIOUS WAKE UP CALL!!!!! ONE THAT IS OF 'EPIC' proportion! ARE YOU READY?! IF YOU'RE NOT, YOU BETTER BE! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.' Tony Sison, aka The Atomic Chaser 06-28-2006 Check out the review of 'Metaphor' on PitRiff Online. Also, on July 8th, The Classic Metal Show website will be featuring music from 'Metaphor' and an interview with Tracy G.


Artist: Epic
Title: Metaphor
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/18/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479339530


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