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From Long Island, NY comes the metal band Eternity Fallen, a four piece act consisting of Evan Kuriga (guitar, lead vocals), Dave Dixon (drums, vocals, keyboards), John J. Iadevaid (bass, vocals), and Cristian Mendez (guitar, vocals, keyboards). Changes is their debut 5 song EP, and while it might not set the world on fire with originality, the band more than make up for it with memorable songs, crushing riffs, and an enjoyable mix of vocal styles. Kuriga is an exceptional singer with a wide range, as he moves from soaring clean passages to gruff, aggressive moments quite easily. Not sure if he is also handling the occasional growl here or if that falls to one of the other members, but either way, in the vocal department Eternity Fallen are on the right track. The music here is a mix of modern metal styles, and you can hear some Fear Factory, Korn, Soilwork, All That Remains, Evergrey, and other influences creep into their songs. 'Epitaph', 'Sleepwalk', and 'Dead & Cold' are heavy hitting metal rockers, long on beefy guitar riffs, pounding rhythms, a smattering of keyboards, and layers of vocals. The title track is actually the lone mellow piece here, an emotional ballad that again shows the talents of Kuriga. Closer 'Distant Awakening' throws crushing metalcore, thrash, and deathcore at the listener, but still manages to sprinkle in some melodic moments that have an almost gothic feel. Nicely done. As I mentioned earlier, don't expect a re-writing of the metal playbook here on Changes, but Eternity Fallen have loads of talent, and I could easily see them making some waves when they get around to putting together their first full length release. Memorable songs, solid musicianship, and outstanding vocals make up Changes, so if you are into modern metal at all, this would certainly be an EP to check out, and a band to keep an eye on. Track Listing 1 Epitaph 2 Sleepwalk 3 Dead & Cold 4 Changes 5 Distant Awakening Added: October 27th 2011 Reviewer: Pete Pardo Score: *** Related Link: Band Facebook Page Hits: 10 Language: English CD REVIEW FROM AN AMAZON CUSTOMER!! With all the music that's coming out today due to the advancements in self promotion, local studios, and distribution of your product, it's harder now than ever to stay innovative while still writing well structured, catchy, sincere music. This band does just that, and they do it well. The opening track 'Epitaph' is extremely driving, the groove oriented rhythm's and sing-along chorus give you a really good taste of what the band is capable of as musicians and songwriters. The song is rhythmically awesome, the bass and drums are a real standout here, while still maintaining great layered guitar parts and catchy vocal melodies, all of which is preformed phenomenally by every artist in the band. Track number two is a real standout to me, and a personal favorite. 'Sleepwalk' delivers powerful vocals as well as extremely strong, blood pumping rhythms with a chorus you can't get out of your head. Really just showcases what good musicianship, excellent songwriting, and a good production structure can do. The third track 'Dead & Cold' is an absolutely huge song. It's probably the most simple of all the tracks on the album, and even though it's been said a million times, less really is more sometimes. This is the song that the second it comes on the radio you're gonna wanna crank it up and roll down your windows. The self titled track comes fourth in the track listing, I feel it's exactly where it belongs. This song slows everything down, and is much more mellow then anything else on the rest of the album, and it's main chord progression is on acoustic guitar. The vocal melodies are very well written, but the execution is very emotional and from the heart, in the best possible way. A big standout from the rest of the album, providing a welcomed change of pace, and doing it perfectly. An awesome song. The fifth track 'A Distant Awakening' kicks it back into high gear and is one of the fastest overall tracks on the album. This song is incredibly heavy, while still retaining the very dynamic, well played, and well written parts that are prominent throughout the album. This song probably has the most stand-out keyboard part on the whole album, and it really adds alot to the song and keeps everything interesting, and it does all of this while still staying very heavy. Particularly great chorus on this track too. So bottom line, buy the album, you'll be happy you did. It's nothing you've ever heard before, while at the same time being enjoyable to anybody from the biggest death metal elitist you know, to a fan of modern hard rock, all the way to someone listening to mostly pop. It's really hard not to connect with this album and love every minute of it, every time you put it on. Falco CD Review (Wicked Maraya) So many cool things going on in each song that you have to listen to them over and over again to soak them up, and then you hear something else great that you didn't hear the last time!!! I generally hate new music, especially metal, since bands don't 'get it' as to what good metal should be. Moody, heavy, mellow, hooky. Seriously, this has kicked me in the ass and INSPIRED ME. Time to start working on some new Wicked Maraya!!! GREAT JOB & THANK YOU Boys... 'and the story will carry on' INDEED!!!


Artist: Eternity Fallen
Title: Changes
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/26/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501556828