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Devil's Cross

Devil's Cross

  • By Everscathed
  • Release 11/25/2008
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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THE Everscathed lineage dates back to 1996 when brothers Bill and Tim Frickenstein (bass/vocals and drums, respectively) chose a warpath of dark, dismal Death Metal. As a three piece, with Brian Laurence on guitar, they were known as ENMORTEM. The band recorded and released the four track recorded demo, 'Bleeding The Sorrow' in 1997. This tape featured five songs of fairly technical, down tuned guttural Death Metal. A lack of cohesion and cooperation led to Laurence quitting the band soon after this release. Tom Flanagan entered on guitar and ENMORTEM recorded and released 'Their Blood I Offer The King' in 1998. This was another four track recorded demo, but the four songs showed a clearer and more distinct sound for the band. The guitars were tuned down just a half step and there were some catchier doom passages. With this line up the band played a few shows, and in 1999, they entered Sheffield Studio to record 'Manifestations Of Infernal Disgust'. This was six well produced songs, where some of the odd, dissident guitar parts truly impressed. It's around this same time when the band joined forces with Brice Dalzell of CORPSEVOMIT to play in a side band called WARSHIP. Dalzell also lent backing vocals to 'Reverence To The Profane' during the 'Manifestations...' session. The band self released the new demo, played out, and spread the word. When Dalzell quit CORPSEVOMIT soon thereafter, it only seemed logical to finally make ENMORTEM a four piece with him on second guitar. After only two new songs and two shows as a four piece band, drummer Tim Frickenstein seemed to grow tired of playing with Flanagan and threatened to quit. Flanagan quit instead, making ENMORTEM a three piece again as the band endured it's final line up change. ENMORTEM entered RK Studio in 2000 to record a new demo called 'Barbaric Displeasure'. These six songs showed a far more focused and structured ENMORTEM, and some Death/Thrash vibes started to show through. Dalzell started singing some lead vocals at this time. The production was more grisly than that of 'Manifestations...', but it perfectly captured the band. 'Barbaric Displeasure' was mastered and pro duplicated on cassette. 2001 was spent spreading the new tape, playing some decent shows, buying new gear, and writing a bunch of new songs. In 2002, ENMORTEM were ready to record a full length. The band entered Studio One to record 'Razors Of Unrest'. This was ten songs, (just two from previous demos) with great production and focus. Professional promo copies were made, and the word was spread. Before the next step was made, ENMORTEM decided on a name change. ENMORTEM's past endeavors in no way represented the present song writing and purpose. The band's name was changed to THE Everscathed. As the band was on a significant high, there was only one way to go. In 2003, guitarist/vocalist Brice Dalzell was severely injured at work, severing a nerve in his fretting arm. THE Everscathed decided they would not be put on hiatus, they just had to struggle harder and longer. The 'Razors...' release was put on hold. The brothers Frickenstein offered notable support, having to practice along with guitar parts from the CD, having Dalzell just sing or simply play single notes on a bass. Finally, the band played a basement show in 2004, and Dalzell started learning new material from Bill. In early 2005, Bill Frickenstein was injured at a show he attended, tearing the bicep on his fretting arm. Again a surgery, again down time. He recovered quickly, and the appropriately named THE Everscathed played a return show. In the year 2006, Open Grave Records finally unleashed the 'Razors Of Unrest' upon the world, and to excellent reviews. Many shows were performed throughout '06 and '07, but another round of injuries slowed things down for the first half of 2008. Now THE Everscathed have returned with a new EP entitled 'The Devil's Cross' and the promotional demo CD entitled 'Path Of Soured Dreams'. A new full-length album is planned for a 2009 release. The words 'Death' and 'Metal' could not be more familiar to these three able Death Metal veterans. Wounds of confusion from the razors of unrest are imminent...................


Artist: Everscathed
Title: Devil's Cross
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 11/25/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501061865


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