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Fiddlers 3

Fiddlers 3

  • By Fiddlers 3
  • Release 1/22/2002
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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AN ENTERTAINMENT EXTRAVAGANZA! "The band plays with more spirit than many traditional folk outfits..." Graham Rockingham - The Hamilton Spectator "...Fiddlers 3 is the poster child of blended culture!" Dr. Sandy Thorburn - Associate Professor of Music, University of Waterloo 'Here is the ceilidh (kay-lee) band for the 21st century,' says Nicky Rossiter of Rambles Cultural Magazine. Tom Knapp, of the same publication describes the music of Fiddlers 3 as 'fine, highly polished & very exciting." Robert L. Doerschuk '...their [Fiddlers 3] performance reflects the vigorous tradition associated with fiddlers Ashley MacIsaac and Natalie MacMaster, though the blended fiddle parts betray no rough edges' These are some of the statements made which describe the High-Energy Celtic -Folk band Fiddlers 3 - their motto - 'We dare you to keep your feet still!'. Party-rocking grooves and heavy downbeats, Fiddlers 3 jump-start the atmosphere wherever they are. The sounds of Ireland, Scotland, the East Coast, French-Canadian and Old Time are combined into a unique style and sound that is truly their own. This family band evolved in late 1996 when brothers Stefan and Andrian and sister Elaina stepped onto a church stage with their violins after only a few short months of lessons. Their ages at the time were 12, 10 and nine. Joining them was Mom Mary Ann on accordion and Dad Lorne with a set of spoons and washboard to complete the group .Today, the family continues to bring to the festival stage their own eclectic blend of Celtic-Folk music The group's success inspired all three of these championship fiddlers to go on to study music at McMaster University. After witnessing their performance the intensity, passion and drive of their music will leave you speechless. Fiddlers 3 have been named "Ontario's Best Performer/ Entertainer (Variety) 2007" and "Entertainer of the Year 2006" by Festival & Events Ontario. They have performed with acts including Ashley MacIsaac, the Chieftains, Teenage Head Natalie MacMaster, the Barra MacNeils, Colin James, Alannah Miles, Slainte Mhath and the Irish Descendants. After intense demand, their new, highly-anticipated 3rd CD is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2007. 'ENCORE!' was released in 2003, gained immediate approval from fans and critics alike when it won the Kweevak CD of the YEAR (Critic's Choice) Award 2004 and Viewer's Choice Award 2004. Fiddlers 3 are the only Canadian band to win both awards simultaneously in the same calendar year. This award followed the success of their debut self-titled CD which won the Viewer's Choice Award in 2003. Fiddlers 3 have also been consistently listed as #1 in the download charts of Napster, eMusic, Apple iTunes, and Sony Connect throughout 2006. The energetic rhythms and enthusiastic melodies of Fiddlers 3 have their audiences - young and old - wanting more. But hey! We are getting too serious... WE DARE YOU TO KEEP YOUR FEET STILL! ® ************** BAND MEMBERS Stefan - Fiddle * Master of Arts, Communication & Culture, Ryerson University, 2008 * Bachelor of Music (Hons.), McMaster University, 2006 * Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), in Multimedia, McMaster University, 2006 * Diploma (Solo Performance), McMaster University, 2007 Andrian - Fiddle * Master of Arts, Political Science, McMaster University, 2008 * Bachelor of Music (Hons.), McMaster University, 2007 * Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), Political Science, McMaster University, 2007 * Diploma (Solo Performance), McMaster University, 2007 Elaina - Fiddle (studying) * 4th year of study, McMaster University (Music & Communications) BACKLINE Mary Ann - Accordion Lorne - Percussion Cam Walsh - Bass (2005-present)


Artist: Fiddlers 3
Title: Fiddlers 3
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 1/22/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 620672138421


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